Why Well-Known Personalities Are Posing Naked With Dead Fish

1x1.trans Why Well Known Personalities Are Posing Naked With Dead FishFishlove, an organization against overfishing, is an ongoing photographic project that invites well-known personalities across the globe to make a bold stand to stop over-fishing.

Fishlove’s website features photographs of naked well-known personalities in provocative poses with dead and extinct bound fish.

Fishlove was set up in 2009 by Nicholas Rohl, co-owner of Brighton’s Japanese restaurant, MOSHIMO, and the actress Greta Scacchi to help promote “The End of the Line” — the world’s first major documentary about the devastating effect of overfishing.

The documentary examines the “imminent extinction of Bluefin tuna, brought on by increasing western demand for sushi; the impact on marine life resulting in huge overpopulation of jellyfish; and the profound implications of a future world with no fish that would bring certain mass starvation.”

“Scientists predict that all marine life will effectively disappear from our oceans by the middle of this century if nothing is done about over-fishing. The people in these photographs want over-fishing to stop.”

Fishlove co-founder Nicholas Rohl says, “We wanted to explore the relationship between the human and the fish, which meant that it had to be ‘skin on skin’, a bit like a mother holding a baby.”

Rohl added that his organization did worry whether the images were a bit too provocative.

“Yet we decided that it was far more important to get the message out there than to worry about offending a few people,” Rohl said.

“One of the accusations is that it is wasteful, using the fish in this way, but it absolutely wasn’t. We [ate] all the fish we used for this campaign! We didn’t throw any of the fish away.”

1x1.trans Why Well Known Personalities Are Posing Naked With Dead FishTen salient facts on overfishing provided by Fishlove:

1) The European Union’s Common Fisheries Policy has failed to prevent overfishing.

2) Over 25 years, short-term economic interest and political expediency has landed European fisheries in deep crisis.

3) Continuous overfishing has resulted in less-productive fisheries with a gradual loss of jobs and livelihoods.

4) Fewer and smaller fish are being caught, with greater effort required to find them, which often results in the targeting of other, sometimes even more vulnerable, species.

5) North Sea cod reach spawning age at around four years old. The average age of cod caught in the North Sea is 1.6 years.

6) Scientific estimates suggest that 93 percent of North Sea cod are caught before they can reproduce.

7) Currently, 63 percent of fish stocks in the Atlantic are over fished

8) 82 percent of fish stocks in the Mediterranean are over fished

9) Atlantic bluefin tuna, one of the biggest and fastest ocean predators is facing the threat of commercial extinction through overfishing.

10) The North Sea has been one of the richest fishing grounds in the world but catches have fallen from 3.5 million tonnes a year in 1995 to less than 1.5 million tonnes in 2007.

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