New Film Exposes Cold-Blooded Cruelty on Factory Farms

1x1.trans New Film Exposes Cold Blooded Cruelty on Factory FarmsThe International Monetary Fund, an organization that oversees the global financial system, has classified 34 countries as having “advanced economies” in the so-called industrialized developed world.

The countries include the leading world powers you’d expect: US, UK, France, Germany, Spain and so on, but the countries themselves are not important, it’s their paradoxical “advanced” and “developed” status that lies in stark contrast to the primitive and barbarous violence they collectively allow corporations to inflict on factory farm animals.

1x1.trans New Film Exposes Cold Blooded Cruelty on Factory FarmsEarlier this month, Mercy for Animals debuted their latest film, Farm to Fridge, narrated by vegan actor James Cromwell. The 12 minute film depicts the extremely wicked, and deeply criminal treatment animals raised for food on factory farms endure daily.

The film/video includes material from MFA undercover investigations exposing animal cruelty on egg, dairy, and veal farms, fish slaughtering facilities, and poultry slaughterhouses.

“For example, scenes that are covered in the film include piglets having their testicles ripped out and their tails chopped off without painkillers, male chicks being ground up alive in giant macerators, and fish being skinned and dismembered while still alive.”

1x1.trans New Film Exposes Cold Blooded Cruelty on Factory FarmsUS hatchery companies produce 200 million female chicks a year, as well as 200 million male chicks; but the unwanted male chicks are ground up alive in a meat grinder via a method they call “Instantaneous Euthanasia” — an industry wide standard that’s supported by the animal veterinary and scientific community and the American Veterinary Medical Association. See guidelines on euthanasia [pdf].

MFA notes that because they don’t lay eggs, and don’t grow fast enough to be sold for meat, the ground-up baby male chicks serve no purpose to egg companies alive, and are used in dog food or fertilizer.

1x1.trans New Film Exposes Cold Blooded Cruelty on Factory FarmsDr. Karen Davis, the founder and president of United Poultry Concerns, says, “Given that the nervous system of a chicken originates during the 21st hour of incubation, and that a chick has a fully developed nervous system at the time of hatching, it is reasonable to conclude, as a fact of neurophysiology, that the chicks are suffering extreme pain as they are being cut up by macerator blades.”

“Farm to Fridge is a silver bullet,” says MFA Founder and Executive Director Nathan Runkle. “It covers the treatment of animals exploited by the pork, beef, dairy, egg, poultry, and seafood industries, all in 12 unforgettable minutes. The film utilizes footage from all of MFA’s past undercover investigations, and gives a powerful look at the entire journey each animal makes from birth to death.”

1x1.trans New Film Exposes Cold Blooded Cruelty on Factory FarmsThis senseless brutality is inflicted on a mass scale in the developed world, and it’s executed with an astonishingly haughty and callous disregard for the terrifying and painful misery suffered by living creatures — some not even designated for human consumption.

Our treatment of farmed animals is shocking, said Runkle in a VegNews interview. “Not a single federal law provides protection to farmed animals during their lives on factory farms—meaning that billions of these animals are subjected to abuses so extreme that meat, egg, and dairy producers could be jailed if they treated dogs or cats in the same manner. Factory farming values profit over principle in the ever-increasing race to reduce costs and increase revenue. In the end, animals are left to pay the ultimate price—a life of extreme deprivation and suffering.”

This inhumane savagery serves as a testament to the utter contempt the corporate world harbors for life forms seen only as units for profit in “advanced” economies. Watch the video if you dare

1x1.trans New Film Exposes Cold Blooded Cruelty on Factory Farms
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1x1.trans New Film Exposes Cold Blooded Cruelty on Factory Farms