Study: Strawberries Can Fight Cancer

1x1.trans Study: Strawberries Can Fight CancerIt seems that we have another reason to eat strawberries this summer.

A study conducted by the Ohio State University revealed that taking at least 6o grams of freeze-dried strawberries for six months caused a slowdown in the development of precancerous lesions in about thirty people.

Dr. Tong Chen, the lead researcher and assistant professor in the oncology division of the University, presented her findings at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

1x1.trans Study: Strawberries Can Fight CancerShe and her group of researchers were looking for various food and other substances that can be used to prevent the creation of cancer tissues. The results of their work reveals that freeze-dried strawberries can effectively inhibit the development of cancer tumors.

The findings do not come as a surprise. Many have already known the health benefits of regularly eating strawberries as part of a healthy diet. Just like any berries, strawberries are rich in antioxidants called phenols. In strawberries, two types of phenols play a major role.

1x1.trans Study: Strawberries Can Fight CancerThe first, anthocyanin (particularly anthocyanin 2), provide not just the vivid red color of strawberries, but also helps protect the body’s cellular structure and prevents oxygen damage in all of the body’s organs.

The second antioxidant found in strawberries is called ellagitannin. This phenol has been found to be a potent chemical that reduces the rate of cancer deaths. It has been found that elderly people who eat strawberries are three times less likely to develop cancer compared to those who do not.

1x1.trans Study: Strawberries Can Fight CancerSuch combination of phenols in strawberry gives the fruit amazing properties. It can protect the heart from damage, prevent the development of cancer cells in the body, as well as a potent anti-inflammatory food. Unlike conventional medicine, the anti-inflammatory properties of strawberries do not cause intestinal bleeding.

Strawberries are also naturally rich in Vitamins A and C. Vitamin A ensures that you have good eyesight, while Vitamin C helps maintain the proper functioning of your body’s immune system. In addition, the presence of vitamins and minerals in strawberries help in the treatment of rheumatism and osteoarthritis.

There many ways to prepare strawberries. Some of these can be strawberries and cream, strawberry cool whip, strawberry Easter pie, strawberry mousse parfait, or a strawberry soy smoothie for those looking for a vegetarian drink. There are no limits on how one wants to eat strawberries.

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