Spanish Chef Ferran Adrià Plastered on Pepsi Cans

1x1.trans Spanish Chef Ferran Adrià Plastered on Pepsi CansCivilizations in Spain use to erect monuments to their celebrated cultural icons — Queen Isabella of Castile in Madrid, or the Monument a Colom, the Christopher Columbus Monument located in Barcelona’s Old City district.

But in a world now ruled by global corporate empires, the faces of legends are mass produced on pop cans. To wit: The face of legendary Spanish chef Ferran Adrià has been plastered on limited edition Pepsi cans in Spain.

Adrià is one of six of the world’s so-called “brightest minds” honored with their likeness on a Pepsi can for participating in of the cola company’s conference, El Ser Creativo, Congreso de Mentes Brillantes, last month in late October.

Adrià is joined by Kukuxumusu artist Mikel Urmeneta, scientist and explorer Angela Posada-Swafford, evolutionary psychologist Nancy Segal, paleontologist Jack Horner and robotics pioneer Dennis Hong.

“Open your imagination” is the name of this limited edition of six cans to celebrate the participation of these six experts in the third edition of the conference, as reported by a company statement.

International artists from different areas try to summarize their experiences in this event in 21 minutes, while, according to Harvard University, is one in which our brain is able to maintain the utmost attention.

From PepsiCo’s Spanish press release:

Adrià and the five other figures in the limited edition set are all among the 21 international leaders convening today and tomorrow in Madrid, each offering 21-minute presentations about issues affecting society today.
1x1.trans Spanish Chef Ferran Adrià Plastered on Pepsi Cans
According to Google’s translation of EFE’s report from Reuters, custom cans are being raffled through a competition on Twitter in which the company asks a series of riddles after each presentation.

Bear in mind that chef Adrià and his once famous restaurant El Bulli, (click here to see a menu from the last dinner at El Bulli) which was located on the Spanish Costa Brava, was judged the Best Restaurant in the world a record five times.

Committed foodies and the aristocracy traveled the world over to experience the magic of Ferran Adrià, as he reshaped the gastronomical universe with molecular cooking wizardry.

His image is now being used to pimp a sleazy soft drink hyped by corporate whores who worship pop-culture.

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