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Gordon Ramsay is not just “f-this” and “what are you an f’in idiot?!”. There’s a reason he climbed to fame. The man is talented, and usually when he is saying things like that, it’s because you’d probably be saying them yourself. The “F” Word shows a “softer” more real side to Mr. Ramsay. Could this be because it’s a BBC show and unlike Amurika, Brits can do without all the extra tension? Maybe…If you’ve not seen the show, Ramsay invites novice cooks to the restaurant to cook for 50 people on a weekend. The novices are graded on how much clients choose to pay.

What’s really enjoyable at the show is that they actually go through the recipes for the items being made, so you get to LEARN a little something…wait…is this really a cooking show? He goes through raising turkeys, their slaughter, and finally…their plating. Ramsay also goes into sourcing and where his material comes from. Again, it’s this honesty that makes the show so palatable.

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

<“The Real Gordon Ramsay?”

I love this show and catch it on BBCA whenever I can (I’m watching season 3 on my DVR at this very moment). Here you can see the real Gordon Ramsay at work with real people. Yes, he’s demanding in the kitchen but it’s not the over dramatized Fox version…Read more

“F is for fantastic”The F Word Gordon Ramsay The F Word Review

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Gordon has a real passion for food. This series, in my opinion, gives viewers a better opportunity to see how strongly Gordon takes his commitment to good food. Quality is integral to fresh, well-produced fruit,…Read more

“A series for chefs by a chef”The F Word Review The F Word Review

“F****ng Dreadful,” this is not for you. This show is for chefs and people passionate about food. It is very…Read more

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