Dishwashing Table: The Future of Kitchen Cleaning

dishwashing table  Dishwashing Table: The Future of Kitchen Cleaning Technology is really amazing. In leaps and bounds, it has been able to come up with new and exciting ideas that make our life easier. Think about the refrigerator, the gas stove, the microwave, the oven toaster, the dishwasher, etc. Really, it opens up so many possibilities. Some may border on the weird, while there are plenty that are simply unique. When you look at what the latter does, you might ask yourself, “Why haven’t I thought about it first?”

closup table  Dishwashing Table: The Future of Kitchen Cleaning Among these innovations that can soon become a reality is a futuristic project by electronic company Electrolux. Called the Dishwashing Table, this is touted as the next step into the world of urban cleaning. The Dishwashing Table was designed by Francois de Martrin and it seeks to solve the biggest problem encountered by the usual city-dwellers – living space. This ultrasonic dishwasher is combined with a glass-top table in order to save users space in apartments. It’s a two-in-one arrangement that will surely be a convenience for people staying in rooms where conventional dish washers will not be able to fit in. It features a light interface found in the glass table-top, while a magnetic conveyance system found in the center will bring the dishes up or down the table. It can also keep the plates hot for the users to use.

It’s an interesting system that I’m sure others will be interested in. After all, if it can clean your dishes and save you more apartment space, then it’s got to be good. It could be the perfect solution to our needs.

1x1.trans  Dishwashing Table: The Future of Kitchen Cleaning

Marlon Mata

1x1.trans  Dishwashing Table: The Future of Kitchen Cleaning

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