El Bulli Invades The Hollywood Silverscreen

1x1.trans El Bulli Invades The Hollywood SilverscreenLights, camera, action…It won’t be long before the kleig lights start flashing for the silver screen, featuring the magical world of El Bulli.

Ferran Adria has inked a deal with a Hollywood producer to make a film about El Bulli. The famous home for molecular gastronomy will be the main attraction of a film based on Lisa Abend’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentices: A Season at El Bulli.

“It will be something between The Social Network and Ratatouille,” said Ferran, referring to Mark Zuckerberg and the rise of Facebook, and the animated film about a rat in a French restaurant. It would have a “boot camp” like feel, with a little love story thrown in for good measure.

1x1.trans El Bulli Invades The Hollywood SilverscreenInitial drafts of the movie indicate that it will be focusing on the lives of several stagiares (trainee chefs) as they work at El Bulli and learn how to create such dishes like olive oil caviar, Parmesan snow, and pine cone mousse. In addition, the stagiares will also have to perform other tasks like meticulously brushing each stone found in the restaurant’s footpath, squeeze germs out of thousands of corn kernels (for an average of seven hours), and trimming slime off sea anemones.

1x1.trans El Bulli Invades The Hollywood SilverscreenThe restaurant is scheduled to close this July. It will reopen in 2014 as “El Bulli Foundation”, where further studies on molecular gastronomy will be undertaken.

According to reports, filming of El Bulli could start near the end of the year.

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