Time to Eat the Bad Guys

1x1.trans Time to Eat the Bad GuysIt’s really fun to watch that part in a movie when the the tables have been turned and that evil villain who terrorized the poor hero at the beginning of the film is now the one who is suffering. You know, like when Hammer was put in cuffs towards the end of Iron Man 2. Oops, sorry for the spoiler. (But do watch that movie. It’s totally awesome!)

Now imagine how much fun it would be if we can do that in real life. Apparently, we can, by eating the busters. No I’m not advocating cannibalism. I’m referring to antagonistic animals.

Like Asian carp. These guys have infested the rivers flowing into the Mississippi to such an extent that fishermen could no longer leave their nets in the river overnight as they tear up the nets which are not designed to handle such large fish, displacing and deteriorating the stock of average five-pound buffalo carp. What’s more, the numerous Asian carp leaping near passing boats have become a threat to passengers. They have loosened fishermen’s teeth, broken their jaws and left them scarred.

1x1.trans Time to Eat the Bad GuysAccording to New York Times, there are people working on rebranding the Asian carp’s image in a bid to transform them into marketable assets. Louisiana wildlife officials rolled out the Silverfin Promotion, enlisting chefs to create recipes for what they called the tasty white meat of the bighead carp and silver carp, the two dominant invaders. It purportedly tastes like a cross between scallops and crab meat.

Meanwhile, would-be carp exploiters in Kentucky, after trying the fish smoked, canned and in fried balls, concluded that it tasted remarkably like tuna and proposed labeling it Kentucky tuna, as American people have such a poor perception of the name “carp.”

Another enemy is the seemingly harmless-looking translucent plastic bag floating in the water but which can actually cause pain or even death when you come in contact with it and it stings you, as that scene with Nemo and Dory vibrantly shows. Jellyfish blooms (groups) can also destroy fish nets, poison or crush captured fish, consume fish eggs and young fish, and clog nuclear power plants, desalination plants or engines of ships. These creatures are multiplying due to global warming and the increased acidity in the sea. But not to worry, we have found a way to combat that increase – by cooking them.

The jellyfish is slowly gaining popularity as a culinary delight in many parts of the world. Many cooks are preferring to make dishes which have the jellyfish as the main ingredient, and these include award-winning recipes. One main setback though would be the time it takes to prepare jellyfish meat for cooking.

1x1.trans Time to Eat the Bad GuysJellyfish Factsshares that there is a process to preserve the jellyfish, so that it stays for a few weeks. The gonads and the mucus membranes of the jellyfish is removed and the flesh is treated with salt and alum. This is then compressed to draw out any excess water. The color of the flesh will be milky white and then will start to turn shades of brown as days pass. The best color that you can choose is amber, and pieces should be large, thick and firm. This flesh of the jellyfish that you get in the market has to be washed to remove the salt, and then left to soak in cold water overnight. The processed flesh of the jellyfish is difficult to cut flat. You can roll the flesh up tightly and then slice it into thin strips. Then separate the pieces, and drop them into boiling water, stirring them occasionally. As it is cooking it will start to shrink in size. Drain the water off in a colander and immediately drop them into chilled cold water. You can then wash it again in cold water to draw out any excess salt. The jellyfish is now ready to be added to the dishes of your choice or can be marinated.

Other people also eat pests like locusts, frogs, snakes or maybe even rats, but you probably wouldn’t go there unless you’re a Gastronaut.

As for me, I eat lots of stingray to avenge Steve Irwin‘s death. The famous “crocodile hunter” was fatally pierced in the chest by a stingray barb while filming in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

What about you, which animal would you seek vengeance on?




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