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1x1.trans Going Exotic

We know what exotic food stirs the curious tongue.  Let us take you on a brief global culinary journey on this blogspotting. The featured blogs today take a dish and a drink from Southeast Asia, a dessert recipe from Mexico, an approach to Moroccan cooking from downunder, and a visit to a Georgian cafe in South Brooklyn.

Eating Asia – Nutmeg Juice 1x1.trans Going Exotic

In this recent post in Eating Asia, nutmeg juice becomes an object of curiosity in the western potion of Penang, Malaysia.  Apparently, although nutmeg is a spice also found in the Caribbean and other parts of Asia, the Penang-ites actually juice this nut to concoct a cold refreshing drink.

1x1.trans Going ExoticMarket Manila – Dishing on Adobong Pusit

Adobo is an approach to stewing that is unique in the Philippines.  The basic components of this stew are soy sauce, vinegar, dried black peppercorns, and dried bay leaves.  Squid or pusit is typically cooked in this manner in the Philippines, but in this blog, the Marketman discusses the refined and the rustic versions of this beloved dish.  The difference?  To ink or not to ink.  Either way, adobong pusit is simply delish.

1x1.trans Going ExoticThe Pioneer Woman – Mexican Polvorones

The Pioneer Woman features a venture into making Mexican polvorones which are white wedding cookies.  These polvorones are powdery than the usual cookie, especially with the added sprinkling of powdered sugar.

The Stone Soup – Moroccan Basics1x1.trans Going Exotic

The Australian blog The Stone Soup does not only live by the 5-ingredient, 10-minute school of cooking, but it also ventures into tapping the global food scene through exotic ingredients.  In this post, The Stone Soup goes Moroccan by highlighting the yummy and the use of classic Moroccan ingredients: preserved lemons and harissa.

1x1.trans Going ExoticThe Eaten Path – A Georgian cafe in Brooklyn

The Eaten Path leads us to another discovery of the “immigrant soul”: Georgian food.  Read up a blogger Robyn Lee takes us through the interesting menu offered at a Pirosmani in South Brooklyn, a homey corner for Georgian cuisine.  From the Georgian take on pizza (the khachapuri) to the lusty ukmeruli (fried chicken in garlic sauce), The Eaten Path’s recent stop is another mark to the neverending journey of rustic, foreign fares.

1x1.trans Going Exotic

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