Review Eataly in Genova, Italy

1x1.trans Review Eataly in Genova, ItalyEver since Eataly opened in NYC; I have been obsessed. I find myself there at least once a month. I was pleasantly surprised when I found one in Florence; and thrilled when I ran across the location in Genova. In trying to taste as much local cuisine and finding myself going back to Cambi Cafe (three times…I returned once more after my review); I finally caved and hit up Eataly.

This location is not as nicely laid out as the rest. It was quite chaotic on Friday night. Finally, I found an empty table and headed over to the meat counter to order. This was not the easiest ordering experience; but it was worth it. Eataly is located on the water with a gorgeous evening view.

We ordered a bottle of wine, two bottles of my new favorite sparkling water from Lurisia (I can’t tell you how much of that I drank in my two months in Italy; and to start the pasta from the earth.

1x1.trans Review Eataly in Genova, ItalyThe pasta arrived first. To be honest; it was a bit disappointing. I’ve been having some amazing sauces and ragus in Italy. This was good, fine; but not spectacular. I began to get a little worried about the rest of the meal.

1x1.trans Review Eataly in Genova, ItalyWhen our secondis arrived; I could not have been more thrilled. I ordered the coniglio (rabbit). It was flavorful, succulent, perfectly cooked. It was accompanied by the loveliest roasted potatoes. These potatoes were so good they almost stole the limelight. Almost; but not quite.

1x1.trans Review Eataly in Genova, ItalyThe winner for the night was the “burger”. Antonio ordered since he had liked his burger at Eataly in Florence so much. This was even better. The meat was beautifully rare and was complimented by some of the most elegant mustard I have tasted. As much as I loved my rabbit (and it was spectacular); the burger stole the show.

I asked if there was a to go container. To my chagrin; there were none. I had to leave half my coniglio at the restaurant. I decided to drown my sorrows. We picked up a bottle of wine and left Eataly happy, full and ready to head to France.

Eataly is located at Calata Cattaneo 15 – Porto Antico, 16128 Genoa, Italy +39 (0)10 8698721

1x1.trans Review Eataly in Genova, Italy
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1x1.trans Review Eataly in Genova, Italy
1x1.trans Review Eataly in Genova, Italy

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