The Fall Season is for Apple Cider Martini

The Fall makes me think of apples and fresh apple cider. So what’s a better time to have a mixed drink that incorporates apple cider than Fall? I found a delicious recipe online provided by Ultimat Vodka. Disclaimer: This recipe is only for adults of legal drinking age.

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Apple Cider Martini for the Fall Season by Small Chick Big Deals

Apple Cider Martini

1 3/4 ounces Ultimat Vodka
1 1/2 ounces apple cider
1/4 ounce ginger liqueur
Splash of Velvet Falernum

1x1.trans The Fall Season is for Apple Cider Martini

Liqueur used for making Apple Cider Martini

For the ingredients, I went with ‘store brand’ ginger liqueur and cheaper Vodka. I realized that if I used smooth vodka, it would have tasted smoother. But considering I did not, it was still a very delicious and an enjoyable Fall drink. The other ingredients I used were Kutskova Russian Vodka, a local made Apple Cider, Stone’s Original Ginger Liqueur, and John D. Taylor’s Velvet Falernum Liqueur.

1x1.trans The Fall Season is for Apple Cider Martini

Ingredients and Equipment for Making Apple Cider Martini

First, I set out all of my ingredients, including two martini glasses, sliced apple for garnish, and two sticks of cinnamon, as an added taste and décor. I grabbed a measuring cup, shot glass and a shaker with some iced cubes to actually mix the drink.

1x1.trans The Fall Season is for Apple Cider Martini

Procedures in Making Apple Cider Martini

Next, I poured all the ingredients over the ice in the shaker. I added 1 ¾ oz of vodka, 1/4 oz of ginger liqueur, and a splash of Velvet Falernum. For the Apple Cider, the recipe called to add 1.5oz, but I added more at the end. You can adjust this to taste, if it is too strong for you, add more cider. This helps sweeten it.

1x1.trans The Fall Season is for Apple Cider Martini

Shaking then Pouring Apple Cider Martini into Glasses

Then, I mixed them for about 3 minutes in the shaker. I felt like a fancy bartender, it was fun. Always be careful when using a mixer to hold the lid on and be sure it is tight or you will throw liquor literally around. At this point you can add garnish; I added an apple slice and the cinnamon stick. You could also serve this warm, but I enjoyed it as a cold beverage.

This recipe makes one single drink; you can double the mix to make two. I made two different mixes for the first time.

This was such a fun recipe and it was so tasty. You can play around It is a strong drink; so also be careful with how much alcohol you consume and never drink and drive! Enjoy!

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