Food Pics: Doughnuts

Doughnuts Food Pics: Doughnuts

I always had been fascinated by this soft, round oftentimes and sweet chewy dough that are glazed with delicious sweetness, filled with variety of flavor, or sprinkled with my favorite toppings. I still remember how would it make me so happy when my mom comes home with a box of doughnuts. Even now I still consume 3-4 doughnuts easily without worrying how much would it will alter my weight. My friends would tell me that if I eat too many doughnuts it would make me fat. But I’m still fond of them. I especially love it when they comes with hot unsweetened coffee and the weather is cold. It makes me feel nostalgic.  Let’s dig up some doughnuts that I ate recently.

Sugared Doughnuts1 Food Pics: DoughnutsSugared Doughnuts: One of the oldest styles of donuts, the whole dough is covered with sugar. This goes perfect with unsweetened coffee.

Caramel Coated Doughnut Food Pics: DoughnutsCaramel Coated Doughnuts: The most famous and favorite way of representing donuts -coated! I love the caramel coating that melts in your mouth together with the chewiness of the tasty dough.

Strawberry Filled Doughnut Food Pics: DoughnutsStrawberry Filled Doughnuts: Well, my all time favorite ‘filled-doughnuts’! Oh I would not turn my back with this strawberry filled donut even if my tooth is aching. And if you love ’filled-doughnuts’ too, try Choco-filled and the Bavarian-filled.