Parody Website Mocks Guy Fieri’s NYC Restaurant With Bogus Menu

1x1.trans Parody Website Mocks Guy Fieri’s NYC Restaurant With Bogus MenuGuy Fieri’s food empire recently expanded with the opening of his new Times Square restaurant, “Guy’s American Kitchen And Bar.”

But Fieri, the well-known face on the Food Network as the host of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” a U.S. travelogue celebrating restaurants across the country, now finds himself once again on the receiving end of a chain reaction of internet scorn.

It seems Fieri neglected to purchase the precise web domain name of his Times Square restaurant. The web domain name Fieri chose for his restaurant is

But bored programmer Bryan Mytko (with way too much time on his hands) bought the web domain name, and put up a phony parody menu with dimwitted offerings such as “Guy’s Big Balls,” which are described as “two 4-pound Rice-A-Roni crusted mozzarella balls endangered with shaved lamb and pork and blasted with Guy’s signature Cadillac Cream sauce.”

Another sophomoric expression of simpleminded humor on the fake menu is the Superbowl Bash Bro’det:

1x1.trans Parody Website Mocks Guy Fieri’s NYC Restaurant With Bogus Menu“A bidet jammed to the brim with bubbling, overflowing Velveeta over a hidden layer of hamburger-fisted pig skins and a generous sprinkling of Dirt South Couch Crumbs. The bidet is an MP3 player that plays Smash Mouth while you eat.”

Mytko’s attempt at humor wasn’t even original as some claim he plagiarized “most or all of his jokes from Twitter and other sources.”

Gizmodo’s Casey Chan and Joey Nargizian with Food Beast describe Bryan Mytko’s antics as “hilarious” and Nargizian chides Fieri for his “ignorance towards the modern world.”

“Apparently Guy Fieri doesn’t understand the internet,” says Nargizian. “Cause if he did, getting a domain name for your business is step number one.”

Chan hero-worshiped Mytko’s idiotic prank, writing, “Hilarious Troll Takes Over the Domain Name of Guy Fieri’s Restaurant and Posts a Comically Fake Menu. The great man who did this for the Internet’s pleasure is programmer Bryan Mytko.”

Chan continues:

1x1.trans Parody Website Mocks Guy Fieri’s NYC Restaurant With Bogus Menu

“This is the mastery of the entire Internet, folks. You can search far and wide and all around the belly of Guy Fieri and it doesn’t get any better than this. The site design is definitely believable and the menu is so insane that it feels right in line with something Guy Fieri would want to eat.

Mytko’s charade is the latest manifestation of perpetual contempt aimed at Fieri from chesty prigs who resent him for what he shares with most members of middle-class (obese) America — the love and eternal quest for fat, sugar, and grease laden food in all of its mouth-watering, delicious and tantalizingly unhealthy forms.

So even as No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain rebukes Fieri’s New York eatery as a “terror dome”, The New York Post’s headline reaction to Guy’s new restaurant was “Look out, snobs. Haters be damned, Guy Fieri is bringing his ‘Awesome Pretzel Chicken Tenders’ to Times Square.”

And Fieri is laughing all the way to the bank. Fieri earns more than twice what touring acts like Hammer, Loretta Lynn, and the Oak Ridge Boys earn for summer shows at $100,000 per show.

That’s right, in addition to all his other business ventures, Fieri is paid $100,000 for personal appearances, and last summer landed $100,000 for a 60-minute appearance at the New York State Fair.

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