First Horse Meat Now Dog Meat in UK Food?

1x1.trans First Horse Meat Now Dog Meat in UK Food?Food fraud has gone from bad to worse in the UK. First it was the discovery of horsemeat in big brand products sold by supermarkets like Tesco and Asda. Then brands such as Birds Eye were suspect, along with chains like Burger King.

The horsemeat scandal eventually spread across Europe, confirming Europol’s suspicion of continent-wide fraud and allegations of an international criminal conspiracy to substitute horsemeat for beef.

Now Mail Online’s Sean Poulter recently reported that a mystery meat scientists are unable to identify has been found in a lamb curry. A BBC documentary sent samples of curries and kebabs bought from six outlets in London for laboratory tests.

The meat in a Beef in Black Bean Sauce dish contained high levels of chicken material including blood, while a burger contained no beef at all, other than blood and heart.

But most alarming was a curry. A spokesman for the program said: “Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, the results came in for an Indian Lamb Curry. It did contain meat, but that meat was not lamb, not pork, nor was it chicken or beef. Not horse, and not goat either.”

All of the tests to date by the lab used by the program have failed to identify exactly which animal was the source of the meat. Poulter points out that there’s evidence from Spain of meat from dog carcasses being processed for use in pet food, prompting some to wonder if the curry was dog meat.

“Last year, a survey of 20 lamb curries in the West Midlands found all had been bulked up with cheaper beef, pork and chicken. Amazingly, four contained no lamb at all, rather the outlets used either beef or chicken which was hidden beneath a powerful and spicy sauce.”

At the same time, adds Poulter, a meat cutting plant in Wales has been accused of supplying horsemeat from an abattoir in Yorkshire to companies making kebabs and burgers for hundreds of independent take-aways.

59% of Tuna Sold in U.S. Is NOT Tuna
1x1.trans First Horse Meat Now Dog Meat in UK Food?
In early March, Michael Krieger reported that almost 60 percent of the “Tuna” Sold in the U.S is fake. The non-profit group Oceana took samples of 1,215 fish sold in the U.S. and genetic tests found that that 59% of those labeled tuna were mislabeled.

“It seems that white tuna should be avoided in particular as 84% of fish samples labeled white tuna were actually escolar.”

Krieger adds that New York has big problem with seafood fraud, with 94 percent of tuna and more than three quarters of sushi samples in New York City mislabeled.

“Of the 142 fish samples collected in New York, 39 percent were mislabeled. New York City led the nation with the highest occurrence of mislabeled salmon as well as the highest amount of fraud among salmon collected from grocery stores and restaurants.”

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