Dieting on the Cheap

1x1.trans Dieting on the CheapWhen it comes to dieting, you do not really have to tighten your belt, literally.

Unlike the usual weight-loss plans you see on TV, trimming down those extra pounds do not have to be that restrictive. You also do not have to spend so much just to lose excess poundage. The key here is to know who you are, what you are consuming, and understanding how your body works.

1x1.trans Dieting on the CheapThere are a lot of diet plans that you can use to reduce your weight. Some of these diet plans are Weight Watchers, MediFast, Blue Cleanse, South Beach diet, etc. While any one of these claim that produce results, there are several reasons why it could fail on someone.

Usually, it would be about cost. Many of these people would say that they do not have enough budgets to go through some diet regimen. That is a sad misconception. If the truth is known, one could lose weight and still be within the budget. All that is needed is a little resourcefulness and creativity.

1x1.trans Dieting on the Cheap1. Count what you eat – that is the first step in dieting. You will need to calculate how much calories that your body needs. Use the Harris-Benedict equation to obtain your resting metabolic rate or RMR: for men, RMR = 66.473 + (13.7516 x kilograms of body weight) + (5.0033 x height in inches) + (6.755 x age in years). For women, RMR = 655.0955 + (9.5634 x kilograms of body weight) + (1.8496 x height in inches) + (4.6756 x age).

1x1.trans Dieting on the Cheap2. Reduce, repeat, review – eating below your calorie requirements would force your body to use whatever stored energy it has (i.e. fats). You should make sure that you repeat the practice several times for a couple of weeks. After that, you should carefully review the results of your dieting process.

1x1.trans Dieting on the Cheap3. Burn, calories, burn – to hasten the slimming process, you should actively try to burn as much calories as possible through exercising. You do not have to rent exercise equipment or go to the gym. Just a brisk walk for half an hour would do the trick (although jogging or running would be a more effective method).

1x1.trans Dieting on the Cheap4. The secret is in water – in case you feel the urge to eat, it is probably because your body is simply craving for water. Reach for a glass of cool liquid to quench that thirst, as well as stave off those hungry urges.

1x1.trans Dieting on the Cheap5. Go light in your bite – in the event that you cannot help yourself, just go ahead and munch on some carrot sticks or steamed broccoli. They do not really cost that much, plus they have plenty of vitamins that is good for your body.

6. Stay with the eight – there are eight foodstuffs that not only taste great, but are remarkable in helping you control your calories.

1x1.trans Dieting on the Cheapa. Bananas – high in potassium, low in calories, and these fruits can fill you up easily and still keep you from gaining weight.

b. Beans – for those looking for a protein fix, then beans would sound just right. High in protein, low or no fat at all, these can be bought in any grocery store and a lower price.

1x1.trans Dieting on the Cheapc. Eggs – despite what people are saying, eggs are a great way to control your diet. They are naturally rich in protein, and a single egg could be enough to fuel you for the rest of your day.

d. Tuna – actually, any kind of deep sea fishes would do well. These are high in protein, plus low in fat, and they would also go well with almost any kind of cooking.

1x1.trans Dieting on the Cheape. Yogurt – these are the snacks served even in ancient times. These are good for the stomach, plus the generic ones do not add too much calories at all.

f. Brown rice – brown rice is a much more filling grain than the usual white rice. They also taste great as well. Eaten in moderation, it would be enough to keep you full the longest.

1x1.trans Dieting on the Cheapg. Oatmeal – since we are talking about grains, then maybe we should go and rely on a classic bowl of oatmeal. Just skip the sugar and butter so that only the minimum calories get into you.

h. Popcorn – surprisingly, popcorn is also a healthy, and low-calorie, treat. As long as you skip buying from movie theaters and the flavorings, popcorns can be an amazing snack, without the extra calories.

1x1.trans Dieting on the CheapStill, like all diet plans, before you start making one of your own, going to the nearest doctor or dietician would be of great help. They can help you formulate a diet plan that is fits your needs.

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