Denny’s Newest Holiday Monsters

Denny’s Newest Holiday Monsters1 Denny’s Newest Holiday MonstersWatch out America, Denny’s made plans for Christmas. They’ve created a menu called “Taste of the Holidays”, I think their goal is to make you fat AND unhealthy. America does not need another excuse to eat and eat, and eat, and eat. We already have Paula Deen doing that for us. What’s on the menu?

Holiday Turkey Dinner Denny’s Newest Holiday MonstersHoliday Turkey Dinner: Made up of sliced turkey breast with stuffing, topped with gravy and accompanied by cranberry sauce, dinner bread and sides. A 17oz. serving size of the Holiday Turkey Dinner is equivalent to 710 calories, 32g of fat, 2750g of sodium, 37g of protein, and 19g of sugar. The daily recommended allowance of sodium alone is  2,400 milligrams. This does not sound like the healthiest turkey day dinner to us.

Holiday Turkey Melt Denny’s Newest Holiday MonstersHoliday Turkey Melt: The holiday turkey melt is potato bread (empty carbs) stuffed with layered slices of turkey breast, topped with stuffing (more empty carbs) and melted Swiss cheese. But there is more: cranberry honey mustard spread, gravy and sides. Try to melt 870 calories, 34g of fat, a whopping 3120g of sodium, 39g of protein, and 15g of sugar from a single serving of the Holiday Turkey Melt.

Red Velvet Pancake Puppies Sundae with Cream Cheese Icing Denny’s Newest Holiday MonstersRed Velvet Pancake Puppies with Cream Cheese Icing:  A single order consists of six bite-sized, red velvet pancake puppies with white chocolate chips and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It comes with a cream cheese icing that works as a dip.  At 470 empty calories, 8g of fat, 930mg of sodium, 6g of protein, and 47g of sugar it’s just not worth it.

Holiday Slam Denny’s Newest Holiday MonstersHoliday Slam: Denny’s holiday version of the ever famous “Build your own Grand Slam” meal. The options are: bread pudding French toast drizzled with a sweet cream glaze, a brown sugar ham steak, and two pumpkin pie pancakes on the side. A single platter of the Holiday Slam makes up for a total of 1080 calories, 31g of fat, 2600mg of sodium, 35g of protein, and 98g of sugar. This is a grand slam threat to your health.

Denny’s is cross promoting with Sony Pictures “Arthur Christmas.” Be warned. The dishes at Denny’s are “kid-friendly” but not something we’d wish on our worst enemy.

Arthur’s Christmas Cookie Pancakes Denny’s Newest Holiday MonstersArthur’s Christmas Cookie Pancakes: A plate three silver dollar pancakes, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with bits of sugar cookies. It comes with a choice of two sausage links or bacon strips, an egg and a warm syrup on the side.  I wouldn’t feed my kid a plateful of 660 calories, 21g of fat, 1210mg of sodium, 17g of protein, and 59g of sugar. That’s pretty loaded even for holiday breakfast feast.

Arthur’s Milk Cookies Shake Denny’s Newest Holiday MonstersArthur’s Milk & Cookies Shake: Warning! This drink is made up of the sweetest thoughts of the holiday season – vanilla ice cream, sugar cookies and whipped cream with bits of sugar cookies. In single glass of Arthur’s Milk & Cookie Shake, you’re sipping in 790 calories, 41g of fat, 290mg of sodium, 16g of protein, and 75g of sugar. Not healthy for adults, not healthy for kids.

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