Unknown dangers of reusable shopping bags

1x1.trans Unknown dangers of reusable shopping bagsWhen The Tampa Tribune featured a series on the dangers of reusable plastic bags in which they found lead in the bags in Winn-Dixie, Publix, Sweetbay, Walmart and Target, a federal investigation was immediately initiated.  With the rising advocacy for the environment and the green lifestyle, reusable plastic bags have become an alternative.  At this point, the reusable plastic bag market is at 10-15% which can jump to 25% in the near future which indicates that a growing demand has been in place.

The appeal of these plastic bags is that they are made of materials that are supposed to be environment-friendly.  These bags are either made of canvass or reusable plastic.  In order to counter the already-produced regular plastic bags in addition to the costs of these bags, these reusable containers are typically sold.  Many people have gone the reusable bag route as they are convenient, in addition to joining in the idea of saving the environment.

1x1.trans Unknown dangers of reusable shopping bagsHowever, the series in the newspaper sheds a different light to these reusable plastic bags.  The main issue in the presence of lead is that this may leached into the food contained in the bag.  Of course, another concern is that instead of saving the environment, these plastic bags can cause further harm.

As to the lead leaching into the groceries, tests have shown that the danger only comes in over time after the bags wear down.  As the lead is found in the paint used in these bags, the lead can also cause some problems when the paint starts to peel off.  Consumers are informed that leaching

Stores and consumers should therefore be aware of the materials they use these days.  This also calls for the producers of these products to disclose critical materials used, which can eventually lead to creating an impact over time.  In that regard,  it is important for consumers to be aware of how they dispose these plastic bags especially as they lead to many negative impacts to the environment.

1x1.trans Unknown dangers of reusable shopping bags


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