Food Pics: Custard

Flan Custard11 Food Pics: Custard

Aside the fact that I love eggs and everything that involves egg in it – Leche Flan is one of my old time favorite desserts. I remember this canteen, way back in high school, that served a very delicious (not overly sweet) just perfect Leche Flan. My obsession with flan started there.

Flan Dessert Custard Food Pics: CustardEverytime there was a special occasion held at home, my Aunt Helen would spice up the table with desserts and some sort of Flan would never be missing.

Leche Flan 2 Food Pics: CustardI never loss my appetite on Leche Flan (and all sorts of custards) even though it is highly caloric. I always think that egg are best for us…after all, aren’t they full of protein? Let’s just say a Leche Flan a day makes me a happy girl.

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