Chef Ansel Cracking Down on Scalpers Charging $100 Per Cronut

After its launch in May, Cronut fans who cannot seem to quell their desire for more Cronuts have turned Manhattan bakery Chef Dominique Ansel’s original dessert creation into the crack cocaine of all desserts.

1x1.trans Chef Ansel Cracking Down on Scalpers Charging $100 Per CronutIn just over two months, Cronuts have captured the cravings of dessert junkies across the country. In New York, lines are now forming to buy Cronuts — half croissant, half doughnut, a croissant-doughnut hybrid — beginning at about 5 a.m. in front of French pastry chef Dominique Ansel’s bakery shop in New York.

For those who cannot get the real thing, various Cronut imitations have sprung up and are being peddled in bakeries, doughnut shops and restaurants from New York to Los Angeles.1x1.trans Chef Ansel Cracking Down on Scalpers Charging $100 Per Cronut“I’m a chef, and so I spend most of my time in the kitchen, and [the Cronut] was just one other creation. We didn’t do any marketing,” said Chef Ansel.

“I went to sleep the night before being told there was a small article out on Grubstreet and a photo on the bakery’s Facebook site. When I woke up, there were 140,000 links and a note from the journalist that said: ‘Our traffic spiked. I’d advise you to make more Cronuts,’ ” Ansel said with a laugh. “Boy, was he right.”

But now because of the incredible demand in New York, and because people don’t want to wait in a long line for hours, a black market has emerged spawning the creation of services promising to score Cronuts at wildly inflated prices.

1x1.trans Chef Ansel Cracking Down on Scalpers Charging $100 Per CronutOne such service not affiliated with the bakery is Premium Croissant-Doughnut Delivery Service, and they charge $100 for one cronut, $200 for two and $1500 for ten cronuts. Premium Cronut Delivery only makes five deliveries a day, and only on weekdays.

Bakery staff members actively police the line for scalpers, and Chef Ansel has personally thrown scalpers out of line at his bakery. “I open the door for everyone every morning at 8 a.m. And I say ‘hello’ to all my customers. It’s only a matter a time before something seems kind of shady.”

Chef Ansel only recently learned of the new delivery service when TODAY contributor Tracy Saelinger contacted him.

1x1.trans Chef Ansel Cracking Down on Scalpers Charging $100 Per Cronut“It’s funny because I actually don’t have much time to stay updated on all this, but a lot of customers will actively come and tell me about scalpers or trademark violators,” he said.

“I’ve received newspaper cut outs, e-mails, and even a note in the mail that was signed ‘your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.’ I’m really flattered by their care, and I know it’s coming from somewhere very sweet.”

Another concern Chef Ansel has with scalpers and third-party delivery is with food safety.

“I don’t know much about the delivery service, but I do hope they give people some sort of guarantee for hygiene. Here at the bakery, we have to answer to the Department of Health, but once it’s out of our doors, I can’t guarantee it hasn’t been handled or (even worse), left out for days. Cronuts should only be eaten on the day of.”

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