Food Pics: Prawns

Crispy Prawn 4 Food Pics: Prawns

With everything that seafoods has to offer only fish and prawns/shrimps would make it to my list. I’m allergic to crabs, I know that’s sad but if I’m allergic to shrimps nah! that’s awfully sad. Thank god I’m not. I’d loved it in anyway it is cooked – fried, grilled or sauteed. Let’s say Crispy Prawns, I absolutely love its crispiness, crunchy and juicy!

Spicy Prawns Food Pics: Prawns

Spicy Prawns, sweet and  spicy, my favorite flavor. I can taste the sweetness in its chewy meat.

Grilled Prawns Food Pics: Prawns

And the Grilled Prawn that I just have experienced recently. It never fails my desire to eat. Always reminds me of vacation. I think I’ll go make some now.