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Homemakers who consider cookware as kitchen appeal enhancers most often do not have use for such. They buy on impulse and compulsion because the aesthetic appeal that the cookware brings to the kitchen is far more important than what value it adds to the food. I love the kitchen and how much I want to make it the best spot at home. Besides making it spic-and-span all the time, having a couple of the finest China, kitchen equipment and cookware, I can say that the kitchen is the venue where passion is often expressed – cooking and food.

Over the years, the cookware technology has evolved, giving cooks and homemakers various options to bring beauty to the kitchen and cooking food like a pro. The market is flooded with innovations in kitchen equipment and cookware that seem to have an infinite list of the best things that a homemaker can ever have. Such a confusing stream of choices indeed! The budget and health conscious are more likely to survive the test of cookware conundrum. These are two elements that foodies consider when they go out in the market to buy what they need for their daily kitchen use. The impulsive can go with anything as long as the itch to splurge attacks.

Culinary arts or the art of cooking have also been revolutionized by the advancements in the cookware technology. Chefs have become endorsers of a particular brand of cookware. Well, you can take the advice or do your own research about the cookware that you would need and how it affects the food. Normally, purchasing a cookware should consider the cost-efficiency. The financial aspect of purchasing a cookware can be constraint, but you can always strike a balance between finances and cost-efficiency. One of the considerations should be aligned with health, because, in all likelihood, there are empirical data to prove that the cookware one uses do affect the food. Consequently, this can be a health risk.

Let’s take a look at the four basic types of cookware, things to consider when you buy and the effect on the food. These types are generally used in our day-to-day encounter with cooking.

Stainless Steel Cookware Cookware Is The Seasoned Kitchen MateStainless Steel Cookware. Comprised of metal alloys, chromium, steel and carbon, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant. It is relatively cheaper than the others. It is not a good conductor of heat; thus, food is cooked unevenly. But if it has a copper or aluminum core, it solves the problem of cooking food unevenly. Stainless steel cookware is resistant to scratches and easy to maintain. It can make the kitchen shine because it is naturally shiny. The good news is that stainless steel isn’t food-reactive. Simply put, cooking with stainless steel does not affect the quality of the food. This makes it a versatile cookware because it can be used with any type of food.

Aluminum Cookware Cookware Is The Seasoned Kitchen MateAluminum Cookware. An excellent conductor heat, aluminum can burn up foods quickly. Thanks to modern processing technologies! Aluminum cookware has a non-stick finishing that eliminates quick food burning. It is also relatively cheap, and it can save you on fuel while you cook due to its heat conduction ability. Beware though if you are cooking acidic foods. Aluminum reacts with acids and this reaction can degrade the quality and nutrients of the food. As reaction takes place, it stands a risk that food absorbs some of the aluminum content of the cookware. That is the reason why most of the aluminum cookware these days has a non-stick surface finishing. It is not resistant to warps, scratches and dents because aluminum is a soft metal, and the appeal of the cookware can vanish.

Cast Iron Cookware Cookware Is The Seasoned Kitchen MateCast Iron Cookware. This is probably the most popular cookware and has reached an iconic level. It comes with exceptional cooking abilities in terms of cost, versatility, heat conduction and retention, durability, and appeal. Given the right maintenance called “seasoning,” cast iron cookware can last for many cooking traditions and generations. Seasoning is designed to make cast iron highly durable, resistant to rust and non-reactive to food. It may not be an ideal cookware if you think of maintenance, but if you think of cost-efficiency, the cast iron is definitely the best bet.

Copper Cookware Cookware Is The Seasoned Kitchen MateCopper Cookware. Ask a professional chef and you will get a direct response about how good this type of cookware is. It may not be a common item at home because of its cost. Copper cookware will definitely turn a low-profile kitchen into pro look-alike. Most of the copper cookware in the market today is made with other metals, between the layers of copper. The reason why chefs prefer copper is that copper allows them to have a good control over their cooking. They can play with the heat because it is conducts heat very well. It heats up easily, lessening cooking time and temperatures while cooking are not a problem. Acidic foods are a no-no for copper. Talk about how copper cookware levels up the kitchen? Give it proper care and maintenance such as regular polishing and you will surely enjoy hanging it conspicuously.

Buying a cookware can be a pleasurable experience. The tricks are easy to learn. Make it a habit to be conscientious rather than act on impulse buying. Having the right attitude towards cooking and food spells brighter prospects for health.

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