Food Blog Digest – Thank you, Thanksgiving.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Thank you, Thanksgiving.The day is here, every home is probably slaving away to make sure that turkey is set, the stuffing is ready to go, and there is something for every guest whether they are meat-eaters, vegans, drinkers or an a diet.  In this collection of today’s featured blogs, read up on the 15-minute turkey, side dish and stuffing recipes, a pumpkin cocktail, and more Thanksgiving sweets that will fuel you up for the rest of the holiday.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Thank you, Thanksgiving.Cooking for Geeks – The 15-minute Turkey

You wonder — how do you cook a turkey for fifteen minutes?  Doesn’t turkey require computations and hours of roasting and thawing, and maybe some brining?  Read up on this geeky yet very informative post on how you can actually pull it off.  Well, 15 minutes is probably ambitious, but based on the instructions, an hour is very feasible.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Thank you, Thanksgiving.Steamy Kitchen – A roll of side dishes

More side dish suggestions from the Steamy Kitchen.  Check out the cauliflower and bacon dish, the poufy puffs with mushroom pate and a warm bowl of Chinese congee with turkey. These are all mouth-watering dishes that you and your loved ones will surely love.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Thank you, Thanksgiving.Wicked Good Dinner – Turkey Stuffing

Wicked Good Dinner shares a recipe for the wicked good turkey stuffing.  The perfect stuffing, according to this post, goes with a traditional turkey with traditional side dishes. Try out this recipe for a perfect twist.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Thank you, Thanksgiving.Life’s Ambrosia – Pumpkin Pie Martini

Although there are too many pumpkin pie recipes it is quite rare to find a cocktail inspired by the pumpkin pie.  Check out the recipe of this lovely concoction; you can expect the pumpkin without the crust.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Thank you, Thanksgiving.La Tartine Gourmand – Pear, Apple, Chocolate

La Tartine Gourmand creates a yummy breathing room from all the rumble and shares a simple Thanksgiving dessert with a lot of flavor.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest   Thank you, Thanksgiving.

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