Alcoholic Blast Targets Youth Market

1x1.trans Alcoholic Blast Targets Youth MarketFirst there was Four Loko, and then now we have Blast. The list of drinks getting a bad reputation when on alcoholic content seems to be endless. Add eye-catching colors, candy-like flavors, and hip commercials, and you definitely have a recipe for a disaster in the making.

So who could blame a group of lawyers doing something about it?

1x1.trans Alcoholic Blast Targets Youth MarketAfter the latest stunt of Colt 45 in advertising their new Blast brand of malt energy drinks, seventeen lawyers banded together and made a move to stop its sale. Blast is a new kind of malt beverage, with fruity and tasty flavors, and a marketing strategy that featured Snoop Dogg. While it is touted to be an energy drink, Blast is also noted for having an unusually high amount of alcohol in it. A 12-ounce bottle contains 12% alcohol, which is equivalent to about one and a half bottles of beer. That would make almost at the same level as table wine, which also has an alcohol content along those levels.

Such a large level of alcohol in a drink is a point of concern. But the main point here is that people should know how to drink responsibly. Not only that, people who sell these drinks should also know who they should be selling in the first place. One look at the commercials, the posters, and the banners featuring the rapper holding an ice-cold bottle of Blast, and it is a definite recipe for disaster. It only shows how irresponsible marketers can be as long as they meet sales targets.

1x1.trans Alcoholic Blast Targets Youth Market

Drinking is not that bad at all. It is drinking without restraint that messes up the picture. Unfortunately, this is precisely what Blast’s message is trying to convey. What makes things even worse is that it encourages younger people to take a sip, or totally go into a binge. Either ways, it would still not be good.

Alcoholic beverages laced with stimulants like caffeine can cause negative side-effects. Excessive intoxication, poisoning, and brain damage are just some of the things one might get from this. This should be in the minds of people whenever they think of buying a can.

Go ahead and have a drink. But please, please, do not drink too much.

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