Cochon 555: Taste True Love

logo5552 Cochon 555: Taste True LoveOne might wonder what the word cochon means. It is the French for pork or pigs and the perfect name for this Pork Central event.

Cochon 555 is a national competition featuring five chefs, five pigs and five wines. Five chefs create pork dishes made from five heritage pigs breeds, said dishes are then paired with wines from five different winemakers. The winner for each city is named “The King or Queen of Porc.”

The event aims to foster a closer relationship between farmers, restaurants and wineries who all share the same passion for raising heritage breeds. Heritage farmers raise pigs that are well known for their special flavors. These farmers are known to practice more humane breeding standards. If you would like to attend, the schedule is below:

20100318 nyc cochon555 ericgoldstein1 Cochon 555: Taste True Love

"A scene from last year"

New York: January 23

Boston: January 30

Seattle: February 20

Napa: March 6

Washington DC: March 13

Chicago: March 20

Denver: April 3

Los Angeles: May 1

New Orleans: May 28

San Francisco: June 5

Pork lover here…can’t wait to hit up these events.

 Cochon 555: Taste True Love

1x1.trans Cochon 555: Taste True Love

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1x1.trans Cochon 555: Taste True Love

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