It’s All About Clams

One of the most delicious seafood that you can ever eat is clams. There’s no questioning the soft, succulent flesh almost melting in your mouth. Eaten raw, fresh clams have a consistency akin to young coconut meat and a taste that is reminiscent of lychee.

Clams It’s All About Clams

Clams are also versatile ingredients in many dishes. It can be used in clear soups and chowders. It can be added as topping for spaghetti or cooked along with gumbo. It can even be eaten on its own, with some people preferring to grill it, others go for baked, and still more who like the sweet and juicy taste of raw clams.

Forking Clam It’s All About Clams

Health Benefits of Clams: As seafood, clams are also noted for being a healthy alternative to meat. It is high in protein and low in fat. It is also rich in iodine and natural sodium that is needed by the body to function. Clams are also a good source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that helps maintain the proper performance of the brain. Since clams have virtually no cholesterol, you can eat as much as you want, with little to know chance of heart complications.

clams and seafood It’s All About Clams

How to tell if clams are fresh: Just make sure that the clams you buy are fresh. To check raw clams for freshness, look for those with their shells still closed. Clams that are already open are no good so you should dispose of them. When dealing with cooked clams, the reverse holds. Shells that are still closed after cooking should be thrown away, since the meat have most likely gone bad inside.

Fried Clam It’s All About ClamsOnce you have good clams, ready to be cooked, the imagination is the limits. Since today is Half Shell Day, then you should try making some fried clams, boiled clams, and baked clams.

They are so easy to make that you should try them all.


1x1.trans It’s All About Clams

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1x1.trans It’s All About Clams

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