Resurgence of Chivalry in Dining

1x1.trans Resurgence of Chivalry in DiningIt’s probably one of the most important medieval knighthood institution that relates to a knight’s honor and virtues – Chivalry. It may have been long forgotten, but it doesn’t mean that it has died along with other ancient traditions.

Anthony Rudolph, general manager of one of the world’s best restaurants, Per Se (Chef Thomas Keller’s) was invited to share his views and opinions about Chivalry. He wasn’t talking about chivalry of any kind, instead, he related these medieval virtues to a thing that he has been working with all these years, and that is, dining. This time, he talked about how the Chivalry is before and how it is done in the modern times.

1x1.trans Resurgence of Chivalry in DiningDuring the medieval times, Chivalry consists of the duties and moral responsibilities that the knights swore and were obliged to do in order for them to maintain their social position. Slowly, this kind of ethics have evolved along with the changes in the social needs in the ever-changing world, diminishing its real sense. Today, Chivalry is often referred to as acts of courteousness and kindness rather than as a moral and ethical obligation associated with knighthood. Mr. Rudolph talked about the existence of such virtues that were not at all gone, but were redefined, evolving into something that fits into the modern world. He intends to give Chivalry a brand new life through his window of the world, which is dining.

His words actually speak of the truth. Most restaurants nowadays are lacking the ethics and the hospitality that a restaurant must have. For some, good food is the most important thing of all, even forgetting what it is like to offer a good service to their customers. Now, this is an important aspect in dining. Food is just one aspect of the restaurant that the diners look forward to.

1x1.trans Resurgence of Chivalry in DiningApplying Chivalry in the present generation, why not make these values, ethics, and virtues as part of our daily lives? There’s no point in having to memorize what to do first, what’s next, whatever success tips you have in there if you don’t put everything you do in your heart. Customers are also looking for a genuine hospitality trait from the restaurant’s food staff. Genuine in terms of being true to your actions and not just acting out the part – you welcome guests and provide them service, apparently the “customer service thingy.” If you’re just pretending to be chivalrous, and not as what chivalry truly is, someday soon, you will snap out of it, which will manifest on your future services. You have to have the heart to bring people joy, satisfaction, and provide them the feeling of having a great homey ambiance when dining in your restaurant.

The idea of resurging Chivalry and applying it to what has been one of the most successful figures of the society – the restaurants – is not only bringing an impact to you personally, but it can also change another person’s outlook in life. Do not wait for others to apply Chivalry in their lives. Make a move because even the smallest gesture of Chivalry can motivate others to do the same.

1x1.trans Resurgence of Chivalry in Dining
Antonio Evans is a Partner at Binary Bits, the parent company of He currently is CEO of Socialdraft, a powerful reputation management tool for local businesses.
1x1.trans Resurgence of Chivalry in Dining
1x1.trans Resurgence of Chivalry in Dining


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