Top 10 Best Celebrity Tippers

Top 10 Best Celebrity TippersImage via  Top 10 Best Celebrity TippersPeople like to talk about celebrities; a lot! Whether it’s about their shows, films, latest scandals, and hook-ups, there is always be gossip about these famous people. One thing not often discussed is tipping. Celebrities are expected to leave generous tips when dining out, because they are celebrities; and as such we expect that they are high-earning people. We did a little digging to find out which celebrities are loved by waiters and servers alike, curious?

Johnny Depp Top 10 Best Celebrity TippersJohnny Depp – He is at the top of the list not because he is as hot as pancakes. Johnny Depp is said to have tipped something about $4000 after paying for a tab of $4400 back in 2009. A year before, he is also said to have tipped more than a thousand dollars for a tab of $2600. Talk about a hot generous tipping celebrity.

Charlie Sheen Top 10 Best Celebrity TippersCharlie Sheen – He may be in the limelight today for his crazy antics in the recent months, but Charlie Sheen made the list for being quite kind to the staff at a party a few years back. It was during his oldest daughter’s Sweet Sixteenth birthday when he generously handed out $200 to each and every staff from the event. Well, it seemed like a happy birthday for everyone!

David Beckham Top 10 Best Celebrity TippersDavid Beckham – This English football star has earned himself millions of pounds, even dollars for being a celebrity athlete, endorser, and businessman. Turns out he is much willing to share his good fortune. After celebrating with his teammates at a local bar, Becks was said to have tipped way more than what was on his tab. He left a whopping $900 for a $100 tab. On top of that, he was also friendly and generous enough to sign autographs the same night.

Dan Aykroyd Top 10 Best Celebrity TippersDan Aykroyd – He may be hated by the ghosts, but he is definitely loved by the staff at a certain restaurant in New York. Dan Aykroyd is a regular and one of the waitresses said that he either leaves a hundred bucks or something around 50% of the tab every time he is dining at the restaurant. Talk about a consistent generous tipper.

Mel Gibson Top 10 Best Celebrity TippersMel Gibson – I won’t be surprised if actor Mel Gibson is among the best Hollywood celebrity tippers. He was recently TMZed after hitting up a Bistro in Scottsdale with a few friends. He left a $150 tip for a $170 tab, and this is not the only time that his generosity in tipping and charity events are noticed and talked about.

Barack Obama Top 10 Best Celebrity TippersBarack Obama – U.S. President Barack Obama is a celebrity in his own way, and popularity may come with a price. A few years back, while he was still running for office, President Obama grabbed a beer from Bar in North Carolina. His bill came out at $2, gave the bartender $20, and told him that he can keep the change. That’s a pretty nice gesture for the President of change (and a nice way to get votes from the service sector).

Drew Barrymore Top 10 Best Celebrity TippersDrew Barrymore – Charlie’s sweet yet rugged angel, Drew Barrymore is also a good tipper according to Ugly Betty star Anna Ortiz who worked at a local dining place in LA. Drew is consistent when it comes to tipping, and she usually tips around a 100% of the bill. I wonder how much does she tips when her bill comes out at a thousand dollars or more.

Hulk Hogan Top 10 Best Celebrity TippersHulk Hogan – He is loved by fans for being a professional wrestler, actor, and television personality. Hulk Hogan is down to earth and also loved by those in the restaurant industry. After dining at a restaurant, he is said to have left an $80 tip for $120 tab and was friendly enough to stay for picture taking and autograph signing with the restaurant staff before leaving. Hulksters are definitely not going to switch wrestling idols.

Paris Hilton Top 10 Best Celebrity TippersParis Hilton – This charming heiress maybe a scandalous socialite, but she is also a kind customer and a consistent celebrity tipper. Paris Hilton never leaves the staff empty-handed, always leaving a tip for every service rendered, be it waiters, manicurists, hairdressers, drivers, and valets. She is also said to be friendly in greeting everyone with a smile and a few hellos each and every time she meets them.

Drew Carey Top 10 Best Celebrity TippersDrew Carey – The Price is Right Host, Drew Carey certainly knows how to compensate for nice service. After receiving his $250 tab at a steakhouse in LA, he left a $400 tip before leaving. It’s not the first time we have heard of this. Apparently, he never leaves a restaurant without plunking down a tip of no less than $100. You’ll know that you’ve done your job well if the price is right.

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