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History of Ingredient Americans Are Hooked On: Cheese Powder

It turns out there’s good reason why Americans spend billions each year on boxed macaroni and cheese, cheese puffs, and the almost endless varieties of cheese-flavored snacks. Besides being high in energy, fat, and flavor compounds, food scientist Stephen Witherly … Continue reading

In-Depth Look at Honey’s Eternal Shelf Life and Medicinal Properties

Real honey has an extremely long shelf life because of its low moisture content Continue reading

The Food Blogger’s Cheat Sheet

Navigation 0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P QR S T U V W X Y Z Why? I decided to crowdsource a collection of technology terms which can help … Continue reading

Hate Big Oak? Hit Up Burgundy

If knock you over the head with a massive wood block kinda Chardonnay is not your style, then Burgundy is where you need to go. Burgundy, located in Eastern France, West of the Saône River is known for elegant, dry, … Continue reading

Why Caviar Is A Treasured Delicacy

Caviar is a prized delicacy the world over and can cost as much as $200 an ounce. Generally speaking, caviar is salted roe (egg-filled ovary) of sturgeon or other large fish; usually served as an hors d’oeuvre. In the United … Continue reading

Tax Tips for Bloggers

When it comes to blogging and taxes, “Taxgirl” — who has two graduate degrees and an internship at the Internal Revenue Service — sums it up nicely: while blogging is relatively new to the tax scene, the law is the … Continue reading

Does Altitude Affect The Potency of Alcohol?

Writing for Gizmodo, a blog known for its coverage of cutting-edge technology, Brent Rose examines the possible effect altitude may have on the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Rose notes people in Denver repeatedly warn outsiders to be careful when they … Continue reading

How to Smuggle a Ham Past Customs

In this month’s issue of SAVEUR, a gourmet and travel magazine that includes essays about various world cuisines, travel writer Melissa Klurman discusses the trials and tribulations of smuggling contraband in the form of food, across international borders. In Melissa’s … Continue reading

If I Cook Meat For Too Long Does It Lose Nutrients?

The meat loses protein, but the cooking process actually makes it easier for your tummy to digest AND absorb more nutrients. Human stomachs have an easier time absorbing usable energy from cooked meat. The proteins would have broken down in … Continue reading

An Introduction to Shoyu

The first time I experienced soy sauce was at a Chinese restaurant in across the street from Queens Center Mall. My aunt would take the family there for family meals. I loved it. Being Latin-American (I am Colombian born), these … Continue reading

The Fork

Although the precise eating methods of historical cultures are rarely discussed, the fork was a pivotal addition to dining. Before the fork came along, most diners ate with their fingers and a knife. The fork emerged as an eating utensil … Continue reading

Ever Wonder Why Some Eggs Are Brown?

No matter the color, eggs are inexpensive, high in protein, and contain only 70-80 calories each. As Blanca has pointed out, egg yolks — while feared for high cholesterol levels — should be revered for their richness in minerals, vitamins … Continue reading

How to Soften Day-Old Bread

Blanca came back from a meeting a few days ago and stopped by one of my favorite bakeries. It’s Bakeri in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their bread is just like the baguettes in France. Bakeri’s baguettes last surprisingly long. I have a … Continue reading

Potato Types

I think there’s not one person in the world that dislikes potatoes. They may be the ultimate comfort food. When I lived in Colombia I saw a myriad of varieties of potatoes. This quickly ended when my family moved here … Continue reading

Oil Basics

We’re all familiar with oils. They are essential to cooking. An oil is basically a fat that remains liquid in room temperature. What I like most about oils is that each type can act as a flavoring agent for your … Continue reading

Flavor profiles of tea

If you’re looking to get into the world of tea, you’ve made a great decision. I’m a huge tea lover (HUGE)! The caffeine high is slower and steadier (at least that is how it feels to me). Tea has tons … Continue reading

Teas vs. Tisanes

I always thought my love for tea started with…tea. I recently learned I was wrong. A tisane is actually an infusion of dried flowers, fresh flowers, herbs, roots or seeds. This includes you chamomile, ginseng, and lemon teas. Who knew? … Continue reading

More Champagne Cocktails

Each year we come up with a list of Champagne cocktails for you to try in the new year. This year we have an even bigger list. Keep in mind that while these are “Champagne” cocktails, you can always substitute … Continue reading

Stuff you should know about Champagne

Many people call any sparkling white wine Champagne. While it’s become widely “accepted”, there is no such thing as “Italian Champagne”. Just like Highlander – there can be only one. In order for wine to be called Champagne, it must: 1. … Continue reading

Surimi is surely not for me

Basically, this is the stuff used in cheap Japanese restaurants and passed off as crab, lobster and shrimp. How is this possible? It’s made up of a processed fish paste (usually pollock or whiting) which is tinted (usually with Red #5 … Continue reading

Other Edible Eggs

In the states, when one says the word “egg” one thinks of chicken eggs. But if you’re bored of the same old thing and you want to try something new, there are plenty of others you can try: Bantam: These … Continue reading


I have a thing for eggs. For me they are pretty much the perfect food. They are packed full of protein, only have 70-80 calories per and are cheap. I make them all the time in all sorts of ways. … Continue reading

Does This Clash With My Meat?

This is a guest post by the talented Cyrille Hanson. Cyrille,  The Hotel Hanford’s wine and event manager, has  more than 25 years of experience in the wine industry (which makes me automatically like her). Cyrille is the mastermind behind the hotel’s wine, beer … Continue reading

Cabot Cheese Makes Me Happy

There are a few companies that make me smile. Each year when I head to the Fancy Food Show, I look forward to hitting up the Cabot booth. In case you’re not too familiar with me; I’ve got a thing … Continue reading

Organic Wine: Spoof Or Proof

The word “organic” has not just invaded the food industry but also reached the levels of worldwide alcohol consumption. More and more wine lovers have been looking for organic wines from their favorite wine shops, something that caught the attention … Continue reading

Chef Jennifer Cole Guests Posts for the Week

Chef Jennifer Cole has quickly become a good friend. When I met her and listened to her talk about her passion for food and food history, I was hooked. Then, I ate her food. It was all over for me. … Continue reading

Service Crew, For the Win!

The service crew is the front line of any restaurant. A restaurant is nothing without a good crew.  It starts with flashing smiles, whether the place is relaxed or chaotic. This is just one of the many critical factors that affect … Continue reading


First there was the Manwich, now you can have a “Candwich“. You read right. Yet another abomination has hit the shelves. Who needs to hit up the deli when you can just grab your can opener and eat? The Markone … Continue reading

Chardonnay at its Best

Today, a big wine event is being celebrated by wine lovers and enthusiasts globally, through social media: Chardonnay Day (May 26). Chardonnay, a green-skinned wine grape variety is a favorite among white and sparkling wine producers all over the world. … Continue reading

Why You Always Pick the Wrong Line at the Supermarket

It always feels like whenever you are at the supermarket (or waiting on line at the DMV, or in traffic…or any line at all) that as soon as you switch to the line that is moving faster, it suddenly stops … Continue reading

Impeccable Taste Bud Treat: Basque Cuisine

Nestled in the Northern Coast of Spain, the Basque Province is known to be one of the world’s richest culinary and gastronomic heritage. The richness of the cuisine has secrets that only the people of Basque and the most respected chefs … Continue reading

Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani cuisine is known for its rich flavors which are derived from the use of many spices (some of which are used in most United States households). The main diet consists of beef, chicken, lamb and fish. Pork is rarely … Continue reading

Wisdom from The Oatmeal: How to Make a Restaurant Popular

The Oatmeal is completely done by Matthew Inman. He is quickly becoming one of my heroes. Just like the wise fool in Shakespeare, Matthew imparts truth via comedy. Today’s post should be heeded by all potential restaurateurs. Matthew discusses How … Continue reading

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day

It seems like the list of food holidays that you can attend reaches no end. Just take, for example, the Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day. Celebrated every 20th of April, it is a special day to commemorate a delicious dessert. … Continue reading

Uji Maccha Green Tea Kit Kat

I am onto my third flavor of Japanese Kit Kats. I already tasted Soy Sauce (perhaps I should have saved that one for last) and Maccha Sakura (Cherry Blossom and Green Tea). They were both delicious. As I sit here … Continue reading

Osso Buco: Bone with a Hole

Osso Buco, literally a bone with a hole is dish that will not fail to satisfy anyone’s appetite. Osso Buco is one of those decadent dishes that can cost a fortune at a restaurant, but people can simply not resist. … Continue reading

Kinilaw: A Raw Seafood

This is the Filipino version of Ceviche, a seafood dish that is popular in many places. Filipinos are fond of eating this dish, which is called Kinilaw or Kilawan in some places. Normally, I do not like raw foods, but this … Continue reading

The Art that is Custard

Smooth, silky, sweet and tasty, those are just some words to describe such an exquisite dish that can make my knees shake just at the thought of getting a single bite of them. It’s a taste that borders more on … Continue reading

Haribo: The Company Behind Gummi Bears (and jelly goodness)

If you were like any normal kid who loved candy and sweets, chances are you were among the reasons why Haribo, at some point, had a shortage of gummy candy supply. Haribo products, most especially the famed Gummi Bears, are among … Continue reading

Getting Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Home

Although fruit flies are usually prevalent in warm climate, there is still a chance that fruit flies can invade your home. Many people are revolted by fruit flies because they generally indicate unsanitary practices.  Nooks and crannies that have not … Continue reading