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Chef’s Fall Recipes: Chef Austin Perkins’ Goat Meatballs

Growing up in the West Marin Coast inculcated a love of fresh farm produce in Petaluma native, Chef Austin Perkins. He now brings this love of fresh & natural to Nick’s Cove, Oyster Bar & Cottages.  There, Perkins crafts seasonal, sustainable … Continue reading

New Twitter Tool Warns of Restaurant Food Poisoning In Real Time

nEmesis is a system to track food poisoning via tweets Continue reading

I’m Lovin’ It: Burger King’s Twitter Feed Hacked

The Twitter account @BurgerKing was hacked and its logo, profile page, and account name were changed to look as though it belonged to their rival McDonald’s. The hackers announced that the Burger King chain had been sold to McDonalds. According … Continue reading

Award-Winning Chef Reinvents The Tweet

The always entertaining Alton Brown — a James Beard Award-winning chef, author, actor, and cinematographer — has transformed his disdain for social media into a revolutionary way to Tweet. Despite Brown’s aversion to social media, when his agent demanded he … Continue reading

8 Reasons Restaurants Should Tweet

I am a HUGE fan of Twitter. It is quick, easy, and fun to use. Most importantly, Twitter is a powerful way to make connections. I have made full blown business deals by simply starting off with a 140 character message. Twitter allows you to reach clients you never may have reached before. I usually explain Twitter’s function as sending a text message (140 characters) to thousands of your closest friends all at once. Twitter acts as a sort of forum where people can share thoughts, ideas, and self promote. Why Your Restaurant Should Be On Twitter? 1. It’s Free: Twitter costs nothing but your time. We never had free advertising at the tip of our fingers. … Continue reading


Trending on Twitter last Friday was #BestMeal2011. We’ve gathered some of the best posts. But, the year is not over boys and girls – that means that you have six more days to have that amazingly memorable meal. What are … Continue reading

Il Galeone Restaurant – Trastevere Rome

Il Galeone is located two blocks away from the apartment I was staying at in the Trastevere neighborhood in Rome. For those who are not familiar with the neighborhood, it is a great place to stay, with very old with … Continue reading

Interview with Food Blogger Alfonso Jose Tupaz

Alfonso Jose Tupaz writes the blog Experiments in Food (+ Travel). This is no surprise. If you chat with him for a few minutes you will quickly learn about his world travels which commenced when he was just a little boy. … Continue reading

Twitter Can Help You Grab A Beer At The Stadium

Twitter has hit the big leagues. Kevin Zelko, a beer vendor at the Seattle Mariner’s stadium has figured out the best way to up his sales; Twitter. If you happen to get thirsty, just @Msbeervendor with your order and you will soon … Continue reading

Interview with Kyle Bilowitz

Twitter is one of the most ubiquitous communication tools used in the internet today. It is fast, easy, and it conveys the sender’s ideas in real-time. For many businesses, they see Twitter as one of the best advertising and promotion … Continue reading

Interview with Logan Lenz

Logan Lenz is a serial entrepreneur in the music and web industries. His first company, Endagon Enterprises, is a full-service web agency that also builds its own web properties. As if that was not enough to keep Logan busy, he also … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter: Figs

Figs are probably one of the most exotic yet delicious fruits out there.  Although it is seasonal, many people still enjoy its sweet taste in its dried form.  In addition, figs are known for its supposed aphrodisiac powers. If this … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter: Avocados

The kind of green avocado has does not look as appetizing as, say, the kind of green a green apple has.  Maybe its mushy texture also reminds you of something else.  But nonetheless, there are so many things you can … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter: Pine Nuts

Pine nuts seem to have taken the Valentine rage on Twitter as this tree nut has been exposed as an aphrodisiac — among other interesting things. The expose begins with a continuous Tweets o’trivia (or Trivia o’ Tweets) from Everyman_Cancer; … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter: Rosemary

When you say rosemary, you will either visualize that fresh sprig of herb or Mia Farrow with that gorgeous pixie haircut.  Nonetheless, the lovely rosemary (the herb) is making the rounds around Twitterdom as this romantic herb is battling for … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter: Oysters

Lots of oyster love are showing up as the day of hearts is just right around the corner.  Of course, along with the anticipation for the great V-day, this classic romantic delicacy is showing up in blogs, in features, and … Continue reading

Interview with Dane Low

Cactus Club Café is one of Canada’s best known casual dining restaurants. It is constantly awarded for its quality service and food. The restaurant’s mission is simple: Every Customer Leaves Happy.  In order to achieve this mission Cactus Club Café … Continue reading

Interview with Steve Green

Steve’s Deli in Chicago is beloved for it’s corned beef sandwiches, creamed herring and sable fish. It has also earned a place in the heart of its community by using Twitter.  Steve Green tweets for Steve’s Deli, he is a … Continue reading

Interview with Adria Tennor Blotta

Adria Tennor Blotta, a theater actress and a restaurant-owner, understands what it takes to be successful on Twitter. She has been in the hospitality industry for quite a long time. She started serving root beer floats at A&W, made her … Continue reading

Interview with Stanton Coville of N9NE Steakhouse

The N9NE Steakhouse is known to its regulars for the amazing lobster mashed potatoes and Kobe beef steak. The place has amazing food, great decor and fantastic service. Most importantly, The N9NE has business savvy. The restaurant stands out on Twitter … Continue reading

Interview with Kristin of POP Champagne and Dessert Bar

Kristin Taylor has been managing Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar since 2008 with business partner Matt Earhart. Pop is known for serving eclectic, small production wines, delightful desserts and small plates. It is also for known for communicating with its … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter: Chocolate

To kick off the countdown approaching the supposed-sweetest day of the year, let’s see if the luscious and romantic chocolate has been doing a fair round around Twitterville! Chocolate has definitely kicked it off well and roaring as lorilatimer planned … Continue reading

Interview with Thomas Blythe

We recently ran a feature of the Top 100 Restaurants Using Twitter. These restaurants get it. They understand that in order to be successful on Twitter it takes more than just tweets. Success on Twitter requires time, dedication and most … Continue reading

Top 100 Restaurants on Twitter for 2010

When Twitter first hit the web, people were a bit confused. Was Twitter a place for marketers? Another way to waste time? Within a few months, restaurants realized that it could be an amazing tool. From well known chains, to … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Sandwiches

For a quick and satisfying bite, we all run to the good ol’ sandwich.  Tweeps never fail to show their love for this meal-snack whether it smells (good), is imagined, or made of sugar. Sandwiches are usually good that they … Continue reading

On Food and Television

Christmas is right around the corner. Actually, it’s two weeks from now. Have you got any plans on what to serve on that day? Good for you if you’ve snagged a reservation at Alinea or L20, but for the many … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – What’s Up, Lunch?

Lunch hour is ticking close, and at this time of day, we all think of food.  And Twitter is no stranger to magical ESPs which urge to move the clock forward to reach lunch hour! RasNoDaysOff, for instance, just cannot … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – All Things Gingerbread

From cookies to lattes to houses, everybody’s twitting about this stuff our favorite Man is made of.  Jump into a the Twitterpool and you’ll have a waft of the celebrated spice of the beloved ginger.  How much ginger love are … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter- Say Cheese

We put cheese on everything, and stuff yummy things with tasty cheese. No wonder when you tweet cheese, emotions can go pretty haywire. Take peneplain, for example; he tweeted: Im about to destroy this grilled cheese on wheat with bacon. … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Leftovers

Sometimes you wake up to a brand new day with leftovers in the fridge.  Pop in to Twitterville and check out how Tweeps have managed to make something out of the leftovers from last night — read on! Take SeanMcTex, … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Eggs

You will be amazed how Tweeps can get creative with a simple product like an egg.  See, the possibilities are endless with eggs, and LabeledAsUnique shares a list that cannot can give you tons of cooking ideas: i want eggs … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Cookies

Everybody seems to be getting excited about 1) the National Cookie Day this December 4, and 2) finding out that there’s actually a National Cookie Day!  Who knew, right?  Apparently, Twitter is the great treasure of discovery where holiday and … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Popcorn

Let’s face it: popcorn is comfort food.  It may taste bland when you take it off the stove, but the possibilities are endless.  You can shake it with powder and pour some liquid flavor on it.  You can eat it … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Hanukkah

Food is raining as lights get lit up on the eve of the Hanukkah.  And Twitterville is also raining with Tweets about Hanukkkah, about lights, and of course, about food! Obviously, Twitter has made it possible for non-Jewish people to … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter- Winter Food

It’s been a cold, chilly day.  So what’s on the menu on Twitter? ResideLiving is all bright and sunny today, shouting out in Twitterworld: Good morning, friends! Sending sunny thoughts and hot coffee wishes to you on this bleak morning! … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Chef Celebritweets

The culinary world is definitely on Twitterville, and even chefs need to stay away from the steam of the stove.  Jamie Oliver finds the time to tweet between tight schedules, with at a gazillion shows and tours and guestings and … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Post Thanksgiving

The big holiday is already over with, but we cannot help but have some Thanksgiving hangovers.  With all the food from the day before, what else can we think of but leftovers! Unfortunately, for CarlosPenaFans, there is nothing left to … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – A Lovely Thanksgiving

It is inevitable that Twitter will be inundated with “Happy Thanksgiving” Tweets!  Well, we have scoured through Tweeps who are more creative or have more interesting messages to share… we can start with ScLoHo who has thought of a fool-proof … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Gravy

Gravy probably hasn’t reached the top trending topic on Twitter, but many Tweeps are talking about it!  Look at sarahdessen — gravy is the first thing on her mind — Already craving mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving is clearly in the air. … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Twitter – Turkey

So everybody’s thinking a lot about the bird these days, and Twitter is swamped with Turkey lusts and desires! Many of you are probably crossing out the days until  Turkey Day.  Well, Rickun finds this general mood of idleness as … Continue reading