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5 Ways to Shoot Food Photos Like a Pro With Your Phone

No matter where they may be, foodies who appreciate a beautifully arranged plate of food are tempted to grab their smartphone and start shooting. (source) FriendsEAT co-founder Blanca Valbuena has a natural gift for food photography and has compulsively snapped … Continue reading

19 Myths You Should Know About Nutrition

Good nutrition plays a vital role in preventing many known health issues. A poor diet can cause deficiency diseases such as scurvy, and can contribute to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. But not all nutritional advice is sound. For … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons To Drink Coffee

There are 100 million U.S. coffee drinkers who spend billions on coffee each year. Nearly 70 percent claim they have to drink coffee within the first hour of waking up. But besides perking you up in the morning, what many … Continue reading

Top Reasons To Cut Back on Sugar

Nearly thirty years ago, William Dufty, author of Sugar Blues, claimed the consumption of refined sugar is the number one cause of diabetes, and argued that refined sugar is an addictive drug, comparing it to opium, morphine, and heroin. (source) … Continue reading

Next Generation of Fast-Food: Burger-Flipping Robot

Last year, tens of thousands of fast-food workers rallied across 100 U.S. cities in support of a decent living wage. Workers demanded at least $15 an hour, in contrast to the hourly wage of $8.75 millions make at restaurants like … Continue reading

Woman Claims Daily Water Drinking Took 10 Years Off Her Face

When it comes to our health and vitality, rarely do we consider how important a role water plays in nourishing our bodies with its life sustaining attributes. (source) Water hydrates tissues, carries nutrients to cells, purges toxins from our vital … Continue reading

No Knead Bread Baking Method

As anyone who has baked bread knows, kneading the dough is the most time consuming part of the bread making process. (source) Eric, the founder of Breadtopia.com, a baking website and store proposes an alternative method of baking bread that … Continue reading

Look Out Waiters – You’re All About To Be Replaced

Since the beginning, the ultimate goal of computers and robots has been to replace human labor with artificial automation. Actually the impetus can be traced even further back to the factory assembly line. By some estimates, seventy percent of the … Continue reading

Melt Away Depression With These 5 Good-Mood Foods

Delicious Living writers Caren Baginski and Elisa Bosley do a great job explaining how what we eat affects our mood. They point out that in 2012, antidepressants were the second most prescribed drug in the United States, and then juxtapose … Continue reading

Is Double-Dipping Risky?

We’ve all done it at one time or another. Some call it double-dipping — scooping a huge corn chip in party dip or salsa, taking a bite and then placing the chip back into the bowl again for another scoop. … Continue reading

6 Foods To Avoid on a First Date

First impressions are paramount when we initially meet someone we’re attracted to. We go to great lengths to look and smell our best in order to increase our desirability.  (Source) Berkeley Wellness, an online resource for evidence-based wellness information, notes … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Used To Detect Onset of Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Association, an organization that focuses on Alzheimer’s care, support and research, claims over 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease.  (Source) Diagnosing Alzheimer’s requires an extensive medical evaluation, including a medical history, mental status testing, physical and neurological exams, and … Continue reading

20 Kitchen Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Considering it’s that gift giving time of the year, we decided to assemble a list of gift ideas for the kitchen, because after all, during the holidays, it’s all about giving! I reviewed hundreds of items and made 20 selections. … Continue reading

How a Man Made Beer in His Stomach

“He would get drunk out of the blue — on a Sunday morning after being at church, or really, just anytime,” said Barabara Cordell, the dean of nursing at Panola College in Carthage, Texas.  (Source) “His wife was so dismayed … Continue reading

New Discovery On Origin of Wine Tannins

Tannins are found mostly in red wines, derived primarily from grape skins, seeds and stems, but also from oak barrels. Tannin acts as a natural preservative that helps wine age and develop. (Source) Red wines tend to have higher tannins … Continue reading

Each Whiskey Type Has A Unique Chemical Fingerprint

Whiskey is distilled in several different varieties and each is linked to its country of origin. For example, scotch whiskey is made in Scotland, Irish whiskey in Ireland, Canadian whiskey in Canada, and Bourbon whiskey is made in America. (Source) … Continue reading

Lab-Grown Meat: Is It Doomed To Fail?

Despite good intentions, lab grown “in vitro” meat does not taste or have the texture of real meat. Continue reading

Choice Of Eating Utensils Influences How Food Tastes

All five of our senses play a role in the perception of taste and flavors. Barry Smith, a professor at the University of London who co-directs the Center for the Study of the Senses, works with psychologists and neurologists to … Continue reading

10 Sleep Promoting Foods To Encourage Sweet Dreams

For those living in modern industrialized countries, the lack of physical activity, among other things, has contributed to an insomnia epidemic. The over-the-counter sleep aid market now accounts for over $600 million in annual sales. In addition to increasing physical … Continue reading

10 Easy Tips on Losing Those Last Ten Pounds

According to Madelyn Fernstrom, PhD, founding director of the Weight Management Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and author of The Runner’s Diet, the last 10 pounds are harder to lose than the first 30. Why? Because the … Continue reading

Future Food to be “Made From Lab-Created Chemicals”

This year’s meeting of the Euroscience Open Forum featured a workshop held by White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses, who proclaimed to audience members how the food of the future will not actually contain real food, but various combinations … Continue reading

Outer Space Smells Like Steak & Tastes Like Raspberries

In a novel, including the description of an odor when describing a place is a powerful writing tool, because unless the feature characteristic of a place is customarily associated by a particular odor, like a garbage dump, or a fish … Continue reading

Drinking Champagne Could Delay Alzheimer’s And Improve Memory

Studies show moderate champagne blanc de noir consumption may slow down Alzheimer Disease Continue reading

New Party Cups Detect Date Rape Drugs – Turn Red

DrinkSavvy has created party cups that change color when date rape drugs are added to them. Continue reading

Do You Find These 3-D Printed Foods Appealing?

Although 3-D food printing technology is still in its infancy, two consumer products are expected to launch in the second half of this year using semi-liquified food substances that squirt through a 3D printer. With the Foodini countertop food printer … Continue reading

The 7 Most Harmful Ingredients in Food

None of us wantonly exposes our bodies, or our children’s bodies, to the harmful chemicals in processed foods. But with more than 3,000 food additives such as preservatives, flavorings, colors and other ingredients added to US foods, it’s difficult to … Continue reading

How Smartphones Will Revolutionize The Future of Local Food

In this wonderfully cogent article, Steve Holt argues that technology — specifically mobile technology — is key to the future of the local food movement and food justice in general. (source) In support of his claim, Holt explains how Mark … Continue reading

9 Steps We Can All Take To Achieve a Sustainable Future

GRACE Communications Foundation consists of a group of activists dedicated to increasing public awareness of the relationships between food, water and energy systems. Their goal is to educate consumers regarding the development of sustainable food networks. The foundation highlights the … Continue reading

New York City’s Water Tanks Contaminated With E. Coli

Americans have been warned for years not to drink the water when traveling to Mexico for fear of contracting “Montezuma’s Revenge,” or what’s known as “traveler’s diarrhea.” (source) According to the CDC, an estimated 10 million people, or roughly 20% … Continue reading

Inside Look at Coca-Cola’s Engineered Orange Juice

In Auburndale, Florida, located an hour south of Disney World, Coke has spent $114 million expanding what it claims is the world’s largest U.S. juice bottling plant. According to Bloomberg’s Duane Stanford, it’s at this plant that Coke has perfected … Continue reading

Deadly Pig Virus Threatens U.S. Pork Supply

Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, or the PED virus, is currently decimating the supply of young pigs. (source) Swine veterinarians claim the virus, which appeared for the first time in the U.S. in April, causes severe diarrhea and vomiting, is fatal … Continue reading

Nestlé To Test Foods on Human Brain and Liver Cells

According to recent news reports, Nestlé, the maker of Gerber baby food, Nescafé instant coffee, Kit Kat chocolate bars and Maggi soups, will begin testing its products with stem cell research. (source) Nestlé will obtain human brain and liver cells … Continue reading

California Chefs “Fighting Mad” Over Required Glove Use

Some California chefs are steaming mad over a new law that goes into effect this year. Beginning January 2014, a new section of the California Retail Food Code will prohibit bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods, in an effort to … Continue reading

List of GMO-Free Foods

Despite mandatory GMO labeling in more than 60 countries around the world, last year, a California ballot measure that would have required labeling of genetically modified/engineered food was narrowly defeated. (source) A similar measure in Washington state was also defeated … Continue reading

5 Powerful Reasons To Stop Using Antibacterial Soap

The vast majority of liquid antibacterial soaps and a significant percentage of bars use a chemical called triclosan as an active ingredient. As Smithsonian Magazine points out, triclosan was originally used strictly in hospital settings, and was adopted by manufacturers … Continue reading

6 Stunning CDC Revelations About Restaurant Food

Forty-eight million people become ill and 3,000 die each year in the United States because of foodborne disease outbreaks. According to a 10-year CDC Surveillance report on Foodborne Disease Outbreaks in the United States, more than half of all foodborne … Continue reading

France Plans To Double Organic Farmland

(source) In order to meet growing consumer demand, the Farm Minister in France plans to double the area of farmland devoted to organic agriculture by 2017. Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll told Reuters the expansion would boost research and training … Continue reading

The Skim Milk Scam

In 1980, the USDA’s first dietary guidelines suggested: “If you prefer whole milk to skim milk you can reduce your intake of fat from foods other than milk.” Then in 1985, the USDA recommended a switch to low-fat dairy as … Continue reading

Amazon’s New Futuristic 30-Minute Delivery System: Drones

Amazon envisions a future where shopping at brick and mortar stores are a thing of the past, and where Amazon’s deliveries are made within 30 minutes using drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles. (source) Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos calls … Continue reading

Judge Shuts Down Hot Sauce Maker Because of Burning Fumes

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce is a spicy Thai-style hot sauce produced by Huy Fong Foods founder David Tran, and has been America’s most famous sriracha since the 1980s, rivaling soy sauce as the nation’s favorite Asian-influenced condiment. (Source) Lay’s debuted … Continue reading