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Articles under "interviews"

Interview with Mihaela Lica Butler of “Garden Super Hero Tales”

Mihaela Lica Butler is the author of ”Garden Super Hero Tales,” a fun children’s cookbook about his son’s journey to discover the world of vegetables. Her son, Paul-Jules meets 10 new friends, Miss Aubergine (eggplant), Lady Courgette (zucchini), King Potato, Sweet … Continue reading

What is it Like to Eat Bugs?

As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” but applying that to Thailand seems a harder task to swallow, especially when you know it’s part of their local cuisine to munch on creepy insects. Our good … Continue reading

Interview with Robin LeBlanc from The Thirsty Wench

The Thirsty Wench is the successful blog where Robin LeBlanc talks about beer and most topics surrounding it. The blog also feature some reviews, event run-downs, helpful tips, and food recipes with beer as an ingredient. What was your inspiration to start … Continue reading

Interview with Sydney Kramer from The Crepes of Wrath

Sydney Kramer is the genius behind the blog, The Crepes of Wrath, where she shares interesting new recipes with a readership that wants to get out of their cooking rut and try something fun, without needing crazy ingredients or breaking the bank … Continue reading

Interview with Heather Blackmon from Better With Veggies

Better With Veggies is the food and fitness blog, where Heather Blackmon shares her approach to living an active life. She strives for balance wherever possible, enjoying foods with a heavy dose of veggies and workouts that make her smile! She want to … Continue reading

Interview with Michael Kiser from Good Beer Hunting

Michael Kiser is the legendary man behind Good Beer Hunting, a blog of how he crafts the story of beer around the world — not from the outside looking in, rather, from the center of the movement. Good Beer Hunting is … Continue reading

Interview with Emily Dingmann from A Nutritionist Eats

Emily Dingmann is the author and owner of the successful blog, A Nutritionist Eats, where she share (mostly) healthy recipes, tips for living a healthy life and new foods that everyone should get to try! A Nutritionist Eats is one of the finalists … Continue reading

Interview with George Bryant from Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

George Bryant is the man behind the blog Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations. Civilized Caveman Cooking is about creating recipes that are fun and nourishing for our bodies. George is a self taught chef who likes to break the rules and deliver mouth-watering … Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy and its Effect on New York Restaurants

We’ve been through storms before in New York, but nothing like Sandy (at least not in my lifetime). As soon as the windows started rattling, I knew this one was different. I started thinking that NYC may have a hard … Continue reading

Interview with Karen Symington Muendell

Karen Symmington Muendell is someone I truly enjoy knowing. She is a private Chef, caterer, and menu consultant. She also acts, writes, and directs for community and other local theater. As if that was not enough, Karen has recently embarked … Continue reading

Interview with Alan Philips on The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business

Food trucks have been on everyone’s lips for the past few years. It all started around 2009, with Kogi who led the way for every kind of truck imaginable: Pera’s Turkish Tacos, food trucks that cater to dogs, Star Wars … Continue reading

Interview with Food Blogger Andrea Meyers

Andrea Meyers: making life delicious is a fabulous food blog. We first heard about her when our community voted her in as one of the top 50 food blogs of 2011. It’s easy to see why her blog is loved: beautiful images, … Continue reading

Interview with Hari Nayak

Chef, restaurateur, and author Hari Nayak is out to change the world’s perception of Indian food. His current goal is to make it more accessible to the American home cook. His love of food started in his native India, led … Continue reading

Interview with Chef J. Joho

When I got the opportunity to interview Chef J. Joho, I was thrilled. His formal training began as a 13-year-old apprentice for Paul Haeberlin (not a bad start), and by 23 he was the sous chef at a Michelin three-star … Continue reading

Interview with Clay and Zach of The Bitten Word

When I was younger, my mom had piles and piles of Food and Wine all over our house. I think this had an impact on my love for food. You can imagine my delight when I learned about Clay and … Continue reading

Interview with Chef Matthew Kirkley

Chef Matthew Kirkley, a Baltimore native, has been in kitchens most of his life. He started his career at the Striped Bass in Philadelphia after graduating from culinary school. Soon after, he was gracing some of the best kitchens in … Continue reading

Interview with Bren Herrera

I have to admit that I am a little biased in liking Bren. We have lots of stuff in common. We were both born in warm Latin climates and brought to the US by our parents, love to cook and … Continue reading

Interview with Thasneen Naina

Thas is one of the sweetest and down to earth foodies we’ve spoken with. It’s no wonder the community selected her blog “Cooking with Thas” as one of the top 50 Food Blogs of 2011.   She came to love … Continue reading

Interview with Roger Edison of Cowboys and Chuckwagon Cooking

Cowboys and Chuckwagon Cooking made our foodie’s choice list of the top 50 Food Blogs of 2011. This blog was not on our radar, but we’re glad it made the list. As a city girl, I had never heard of … Continue reading

Interview with Janice Newell Bissex and Liz Weiss of Meal Makeover Moms

Meal Makeover Moms made not just the top 50 Food Blogs of 2011, it came in at the #18 spot. The title was well deserved. Janice Newell Bissex and Liz Weiss are great sources for moms (and dads) looking for reliable … Continue reading

Interview with Stephanie Stiavetti of Wasabimon a.k.a The Culinary Life

Wasabimon (a.k.a The Culinary Life) came in as one of the Top 50 Food Blogs of 2011. If you’ve ever perused this blog, you were probably not surprised. Stephanie Stiavetti, the mastermind behind Wasabimon, puts a lot of love into the … Continue reading

Interview with Malina Janakat

I have been friends with Malina Janakat since my sophomore year in high school. We met in art class and I immediately loved her. A smart, bubbly and funny woman (and when I say smart, I mean smart – as … Continue reading

Interview with Dan of Saltshaker

When the blog SaltShaker was chosen by our community as one of the top 50 Food Blogs of 2011 we were not surprised. Dan’s nature and passion for food and wine comes out in every blog post. He also appeals to … Continue reading

Interview with Certified Foodies

Siblings usually have a love/hate relationship. This does not seem to be the case with Mhel and Ken who have combined their love of food into the blog Certified Foodies. Even though they are a fairly new blog, they are … Continue reading

Interview with Grilling with Rich

It is no surprise that Grilling with Rich got the top 3 spot as one of the Best Food Bloggers of 2011. Sure, his blog has to do with a topic we at the FriendsEAT office particularly love; grilling. But … Continue reading

Interview with Cowgirl’s Country Life

Jeanie has a life that I sometimes wish for (but I think I’m too much of a wimp for). She has chickens (I really want a chicken coop), raises her own meat (I think I may become too emotionally attached) … Continue reading

Interview with The Food Pornographer

The hardest thing about food blogging is not being able to taste the food. The next best thing and a phenomenon that is here to stay is food photography. I am fairly certain that this is one (albeit not the … Continue reading

Interview with David Santori

David Santori is the mind behind Frenchie and the Yankee. I particularly love it because I am a huge Francophile. Apparently a lot of the FriendsEAT community is too, because they voted David in as number 4 on our Top … Continue reading

Interview with Lynn Chen

Lynn was selected by the community as one of the top 10 Food blogs of 2011; number 8 to be exact. It wasn’t just because she is pretty. Those who don’t know Lynn’s blog; The Actor’s Diet, may wonder why … Continue reading

Interview with Tropical Foodies

Winter is coming. Thankfully that does not mean you can’t add a little heat and spice to life. The best way to introduce a little tropical flare to your life is to check out our community’s pick for the #5 … Continue reading

Interview with Karlynn Johnston

Karlynn was selected as one of the top 50 Food Bloggers of 2011. When she was nominated by the community we could see why: she cooks, bakes and gardens (and like me, she does not enjoy the clean-up part of … Continue reading

Interview with Food Blogger Natalie Tierney

The Perth Food Journal was selected by our community as one of the top 50 food blogs of 2011. This was not much of a surprise, since Natalie gives her readers exactly what they want. Delicious, approachable recipes; honest restaurant … Continue reading

Top 10 Best Celebrity Tippers

People like to talk about celebrities; a lot! Whether it’s about their shows, films, latest scandals, and hook-ups, there is always be gossip about these famous people. One thing not often discussed is tipping. Celebrities are expected to leave generous … Continue reading

Interview with Michelle Hooton – 2011 Best Food Blogger

Bite by Michelle took a real big bite out of the competition, winning first place in our community poll for best food blogger of 2011. Blogger Michelle Hooton has been cooking since the tender age of 5 when she first … Continue reading

Interview with Steak and Sprouts Food Bloggers Monica and Caitlin

Steak & Sprouts took the #7 spot as our community’s pick for the Best Food Bloggers of 20011. Monica and Caitlin are the masterminds behind this tasty blog. Why do we think they won? Pictures that make you drool, great recipes, … Continue reading

Interview with Joe McPherson of Zen Kimchi

Zen Kimchi took the #6 spot as our community’s pick for Best Food Bloggers of 2011. It is no suprise. Joe McPherson started Zen Kimchi in 2004 when Korean food was still not in the limelight. Some may say that the … Continue reading

Interview with Food Blogger Mollee Sullivan

If you got a broken stomach, make a positive thing out of it, keep your composure and blog about it. This is what food blogger, Mollee Sullivan did when she was diagnosed with a stomach disorder called gastroparesis. In her … Continue reading

Interview with Charlie Arturaola About the Film “El Camino del Vino”

Charlie Arturaola Shares his Life and Wine Lessons through “El Camino del Vino” Aroma and palate – this is what sommeliers and wine experts have been mastering in the wine world. It is the talent and the ability to be … Continue reading

Interview with Omnieater

I eat therefore I am. This is how she describes her passion for food. She’s a foodie who likes to share through her blogs, her take on the things that surrounds food, the politics, the drama behind the dishes, the … Continue reading

Interview with Wine Maker Ximena Pacheco

        Winery: Vina Casablanca Region: Casablanca Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc Type: White Still Wine Drink Dates: Until 2013 Price Point: $12         Reviews “Vivid straw. Pungent herbs, orange zest and pear on the nose. A … Continue reading