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Articles under "cuisines"

Winter Recipes: Helen and Lisa Tse’s Chicken Fried Rice

Sweet Mandarin won Gordon Ramsay’s Best Local Chinese restaurant on Channel 4′s The F Word, beating 10,000 other restaurants. Now the entrepreneurial sisters behind Sweet Mandarin, Helen and Lisa Tse are stepping up the game by publishing their fist cookbook … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Helen and Lisa Tse’s Healthy Fish Soup

Helen and Lisa Tse are not only biological sisters, but also twins when it comes to entrepreneurship. They are the brains behind the Sweet Mandarin Restaurant, which won Gordon Ramsay’s Best Local Chinese Restaurant on Channel 4′s The F Word, … Continue reading

Top 20 Best Celebrity-Owned Restaurants

While there’s no doubt a number of reasons why celebrities decide to own a restaurant, only a few restaurants are fortunate enough to have both good food and celebrity-backing. Some celebrities may have an obsessive interest and deep love for … Continue reading

Chef’s Winter Recipes: Steven Cruz’s Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes

Before finally joining the Teqa team as their executive chef, Steven Cruz boasts of a proven record of experience as he has worked for a few big name restaurants like Rayuela, Cavo, and The Orchard House. At Teqa, Chef Steven … Continue reading

Chef’s Winter Recipes: Zack Mills’ Coffee Braised Pork Belly

Chef Zack Mills took his professional training in The French Culinary Institute. Right after graduating, he began working in various kitchens including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. A native of Maryland, he developed a deep understanding of the region’s cuisine, … Continue reading

Chef’s Winter Recipes: Dakota Weiss’ Miss Swiss Fondue

Born and raised in Southern California, Chef Dakota Weiss discovered her love for cooking at a very young age when her mother, suspense novelist Charmaine Coimbra, has taught her about cooking in the kitchen and organic gardening. It wasn’t until … Continue reading

Chef’s Fall Recipe: Guy Cerina’s Tempura Atlantic Cod

Chef Guy Cerina is currently the executive chef for the neighborhood favorite, beer-centric restaurant/bar located right off of Times Square in Midtown Manhattan, The House of Brews. Guy has been an Executive Chef at several prestigious establishments over his long … Continue reading

Chef’s Fall Recipe: Petros Kosmadakis’ Pork With Quinces

Born and raised in Crete, Chef Petros Kosmadakis, learned the secrets of the local cuisine at an early age at their own home, under the guidance of his grandmother. He went on to pursue his passion when he attended the … Continue reading

Chef’s Fall Recipes: Chef Austin Perkins’ Goat Meatballs

Growing up in the West Marin Coast inculcated a love of fresh farm produce in Petaluma native, Chef Austin Perkins. He now brings this love of fresh & natural to Nick’s Cove, Oyster Bar & Cottages.  There, Perkins crafts seasonal, sustainable … Continue reading

Make Something French Today, It’s Julia Child’s Birthday

Julia Child was born in Pasadena, California on this day in 1912. Following her graduation from college, Child moved to New York City, where she worked as a copywriter. Later Child actually worked for the OSS during World War Two, … Continue reading

Peruvian Quinoa Week

NY & NJ PERUVIAN QUINOA WEEKRESTAURANTS You’ve heard of Quinoa, but you’ve probably never tasted it. Now’s your chance. Ten of New York’s and New Jersey’s finest Peruvian and pan-Latin restaurants, have joined forces with the Trade Commission of Peru … Continue reading

36 Heavenly Pastries You’ve Never Heard Of

Pastries were first created by the ancient Egyptians. The classical period of ancient Greece and Rome enjoyed pastries made with almonds, flour, honey and seeds. After the introduction of sugar in Europe, a large variety of new pastry recipes were … Continue reading

Sample Spanish Cuisine With 17 Luscious Tapas Recipes

Spanish tapas are the equivalent of appetizers here in America. But in Spain, tapas have developed into a sophisticated cuisine in which many different tapas are sometimes combined to make a full meal. In fact, dining on tapas is a … Continue reading

Chef’s Winter Recipes: Patrizio d’Andrea’s Brodetto di Pesce

Chef Patrizio d’Andrea’s passion for cooking can be traced back to his mother’s farm kitchen in Italy. He graduated with honors from the prestigious Aurelio Saffi Culinary School in Firenze, Italy. He has an impressive work experience, with stints in … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Helen and Lisa Tse’s Steamed Soy Sauce Scallops

Entrepreneurial twin-sisters Helen and Lisa Tse are the brains behind the Sweet Mandarin Restaurant that bested 10,000 other restaurants to covet Gordon Ramsay’s Best Local Chinese Restaurant on Channel 4′s The F Word. But their success doesn’t end there. Their … Continue reading

Gertrude’s Restaurant in Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

I love getting presents, especially from someone who has put so much thought into it. I know you do, too. And that’s how I felt when I visited the Gertrude’s Restaurant in Phoenix. My husband and I had the honor … Continue reading

Review: Fine Indian Flavors at Junoon, NYC

Junoon, which means “passion,” is a fine-dining Indian restaurant in New York’s Flatiron district led by Executive Chef Vikas Khanna, and Chef de Cuisine, Adin Langille. It features a menu of traditional dishes from the different regions of India all exquisitely done … Continue reading

The Kobe Beef Lie

Writing for Forbes, journalist Larry Olmsted, who has written weekly columns for USA Today and Investors Business Daily, claims that if you think you’ve tasted the famous Japanese Kobe beef, you’re sadly mistaken, because you cannot get it in the … Continue reading

Easy cassoulet

Antonio plays basketball every Saturday evening. I like to have a nice meal ready for him to help him replenish calories. This past Saturday, he asked for a cassoulet. I had never made one before, but I knew exactly who … Continue reading

NY French Restaurant Week 2012

I am a Francophile. I have been obsessed with all things French since I was a little girl. This is my first summer not heading to France (I will miss you salicorne). Luckily, MPB Agency is bringing France to me.  From July … Continue reading

Indonesia’s Cuisine

Indonesian food is one of the few things that is difficult to find in Manhattan. Most of my Indonesian food experiences have been sub-par. This changed when I visited Amsterdam last year. Amsterdam had a plethora of Indonesian restaurants and … Continue reading

B-Grade Cuisine: Japan’s Version of Comfort Food or Country Cooking

CNN International writer Yumiko Watanabe explores B-grade cuisine: Japan’s version of what America calls comfort food, country cooking, soul food, haute burgers, gourmet hotdogs, or gastropub. Watanabe explains that B-grade cuisine is not the “mainstream ‘quality’ stuff that’s simpered over … Continue reading

How to Make Skordalia

When my mom married into a Greek family, I had no ideas about their culture. I was about to become a teenager and basically all I knew was that Greece was the birthplace of democracy and that they once believed … Continue reading

The Third Annual NYC Latke Festival and Cook-Off

If you’re a huge fan of latkes and you live in NY, you can’t miss this event. The Third Annual NYC Latke Festival will take place at Brooklyn’s BAM on December 19th. You will get to taste lots of versions of … Continue reading

How to eat in Tuscany

Italy is a great country for food. But there are some things you need to know before assuming that every meal will be the best of your life. If you are headed to Italy (specifically Tuscany) these are some things … Continue reading

France Bans Ketchup in School Cafeterias — Except on French Fries

Reporting from Paris, Kim Willsher with the Los Angeles Times makes the stunning claim that the French government has banned school and college cafeterias nationwide from serving ketchup with any food but — get this — French fries. “France must … Continue reading

American Store in Amsterdam

During my recent trip to Amsterdam, I walked past the most interesting store. It specializes in British and American goods. Being American, I was instantly intrigued to see what they sold. Sadly, it was mostly junk food. Among the items … Continue reading

Rick Perry “Unfit For President” After BBQ Road Kill Remark

North Carolina newspaper columnist Jeffrey Weeks recently expressed his revolting disfavor for Rick Perry — but not over politics. Jeffrey Weeks is appalled by Perry’s reprehensible comments on Southern cooking. “Rick Perry is not fit to be president of the … Continue reading

Review El Quim De La Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain

When I decided to head to Barcelona; I knew I had to make a stop at the Boqueria. What I did not know was in which of its famed stands to eat. That was until one of my favorite people … Continue reading

Hungary Spices Up The World’s Gastronomes

When it comes to diversity, nothing beats the European land, especially when it comes to food. There is so much to learn from them, and it’s not only the French, the Italians, and the Germans who have something amazing to … Continue reading

Review La Grotta Montepulciano, Italy

Some of the best meals Antonio and I had during our trip to Italy were in Tuscany. This included Osteria Del Merlo in Certona, Osteria Del Castello (Barone Ricasoli) in Brolio and La Grotta in Montepulciano. If you find yourself … Continue reading

A Visit to Copenhagen’s Culinary Landmark

There’s one foodie destination that has taken a full blow when it comes to culinary surprises. This place has been waiting in the wings while working their way on top of the food scene. And now, it has reached a … Continue reading