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Articles under "couponing"

Engineer Parlays Buying Pudding Into Millions of Air Miles

Through the years, most of us have collected coupons at one time or another; some people even make a regular hobby out of coupon collecting, and have websites through which they pass on their coupon collecting wisdom to the masses. … Continue reading

Struggling Restaurants Rely on Discounts to Increase Traffic

According to a new report by The NPD Group, a consumer market research outfit, the number of restaurant visits inspired by a deal or discount increased in 2013 after declining in 2012. (Source) Restaurant traffic enticed by deals increased by … Continue reading

6 Spending Strategies to Slash Your Grocery Bill

The cost of living just keeps rising, but the middle class is making less money than before. Median household income in the United States has fallen four years in a row. One area the rising cost of living has had … Continue reading

Onion Sale Crashes Groupon

Last month, the Indian Rupee plunged by the most in over 20 years which has resulted in a 30% loss of global purchasing power for families in India. (Source) As a result of the sharp increase in inflation and supply … Continue reading

August 2013 Foodie Freebies

Food Companies offering freebies and Samples August 2013 Continue reading

June Foodie Freebies

Because I know you all like free stuff…got more, share with us on the comments section! Atkins: This one goes out to those (Canadian) foodies looking to drop a few lbs. Atkins is offering a free weight loss kit and three … Continue reading

Food Deals for Black Friday

As a frugal guy living in New York, I have been slightly removed from the Black Friday extravaganza that happens annually in the bigger stores. We don’t have a Walmart or Kmart in Manhattan (that I know of). These great … Continue reading

International McDonald (Infographic)

It’s no surprise we’re not huge fans of the Golden Arches. However, we are pretty impressed at their regional outreach and marketing efforts. Check out some of the quirky and fun offerings at McDonald’s throughout the world. Click the image … Continue reading

The Rise and Fall of Daily Deal Sites

Lea Pische and Edwin Hermawan have started a successful new business that deals with deal fatigue — a sickness that has infected consumers and small businesses that offer daily deals. Three months after its introduction, their new business, UnsubscribeDeals.com, has … Continue reading

Is Groupon Good for Your Business?

Just as Wal-mart has compromised many small US businesses across the country in order to bring consumers lower prices (buying from Chinese suppliers who employ slave labor), so too has Groupon, who in its quest to provide consumers with huge … Continue reading

Gingrich: “Obama’s The Best Food-Stamp President in American History”

According to the USDA, the number of Americans using Food Stamps via the Supplemental nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), rose in December of 2011 to a now-historic high of 46,514,238, an increase of more than a quarter million Americans from November’s … Continue reading

Keeping up with the Groupon Business

The web is a very wide space to get items and information about such products and services. While it provides a big market for consumers to shop and get ideas, it also provides daily specials, discounts, and offers for valued … Continue reading

12 Tips to Save Money on Home Cooked Meals

If you’ve been finding yourself short of change lately and don’t know where your next meal is coming from, then perhaps you should look no farther than your own kitchen.  By learning some simple shopping skills, you can bring home … Continue reading