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Articles under "cookbooks"

Interview with Mihaela Lica Butler of “Garden Super Hero Tales”

Mihaela Lica Butler is the author of ”Garden Super Hero Tales,” a fun children’s cookbook about his son’s journey to discover the world of vegetables. Her son, Paul-Jules meets 10 new friends, Miss Aubergine (eggplant), Lady Courgette (zucchini), King Potato, Sweet … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Lisa Lillien’s Sweet Spiced Apples

Lisa Lillien, also known as “Hungry Girl”, is a New York Times best-selling author and the creator of the Hungry Girl brand, especially the Website, Hungry-Girl.com, where she has over a million of subscribers obsessively awaiting her daily emails about … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Helen and Lisa Tse’s Chicken Fried Rice

Sweet Mandarin won Gordon Ramsay’s Best Local Chinese restaurant on Channel 4′s The F Word, beating 10,000 other restaurants. Now the entrepreneurial sisters behind Sweet Mandarin, Helen and Lisa Tse are stepping up the game by publishing their fist cookbook … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Helen and Lisa Tse’s Healthy Fish Soup

Helen and Lisa Tse are not only biological sisters, but also twins when it comes to entrepreneurship. They are the brains behind the Sweet Mandarin Restaurant, which won Gordon Ramsay’s Best Local Chinese Restaurant on Channel 4′s The F Word, … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Mario Lopez’s Chocolate Coffee-Walnut Toffee

Mario Lopez is the type of person that will make you think, “What can’t he do?” A man of many trades, he has kept himself active by juggling between work, leisure, and family life. We see him on TV as … Continue reading

Chef’s Winter Recipes: Hari Nayak’s Grilled Naan Pizza

Chef, author, and restaurateur Hari Nayak is changing the way we look at Indian food. He aims to make Indian cooking more accessible while maintaining its culinary heritage. Most people are intimidated by Indian food. People think it is complicated … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Gena Knox’s Smoked Cheddar Popovers

A native of Middle Georgia, Gena Knox has found comfort in their kitchen at a young age, working with their homegrown fruits and vegetables. Her lifelong passion for cooking and locally grown foods paved the way for her career as … Continue reading

Chef’s Winter Recipes: Hari Nayak’s Lentil & Spinach Soup (Dal Palak)

Born and raised in a small town in Coastal Southern India, Chef Hari Nayak started his culinary career at the tender age of 8 by making masala omelets, an Indian specialty, for his family. Hari graduated at the top of … Continue reading

Fall Recipe: Greg Ford’s Bayou Cioppino

Initially intended as a gift to his newly wed son, Greg Ford’s collection of his own recipes and of those passed on by family and friends went on to become the book “No Girls Allowed.” The Bay Area of California … Continue reading

The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals Review

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.3 out of 5 stars   Let’s face it, moms (and dads) have been having trouble getting their kids to eat healthy for years. Kids are bombarded with ads for unhealthy foods that have … Continue reading

Fall Recipes: Terry Walters’ Cinnamon Whole Oats with Toasted Almonds

Terry Walters, author of the highly-acclaimed and bestselling books CLEAN FOOD and CLEAN START, is at the forefront of the clean eating lifestyle movement. Terry was not only a James Beard Foundation Award finalist, but also the recipient of the … Continue reading

Fall Recipes: Gena Knox’s Pecan Sandies

I first met Gena at the Fancy Food Show. She was vibrant, fun, and obviously knew her stuff. When I met her, she was just getting her new business, Fire & Flavor started. She has built it into a well respected … Continue reading

Chef’s Fall Recipes: Chef Austin Perkins’ Goat Meatballs

Growing up in the West Marin Coast inculcated a love of fresh farm produce in Petaluma native, Chef Austin Perkins. He now brings this love of fresh & natural to Nick’s Cove, Oyster Bar & Cottages.  There, Perkins crafts seasonal, sustainable … Continue reading

Chef’s Fall Recipes: John Moeller’s Chicken Tortilla Lime Soup

There are certain honors a Chef will never forget, among the rarest is being chosen to be the Chef at the White House. Chef John Moeller  is one of the few to have held this post under three Presidents. This … Continue reading

5 Unbelievably Vegan Foods

Living off a strict vegetarian diet is no rocket science to most vegans. But for those who have no 24/7 access to organic produce, they find refuge in processed food. And that’s one cause of dilemma for most vegans. Understanding … Continue reading

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Terry Walters’ Jícama Strawberry Guacamole

Going vegan (or vegetarian) does not have to suck. If you’re thinking of making that lifestyle change, Terry Walter’s Clean Food is an essential for your kitchen. Terry is one of the original leaders of the clean-eating movement. She shares … Continue reading

Make Something French Today, It’s Julia Child’s Birthday

Julia Child was born in Pasadena, California on this day in 1912. Following her graduation from college, Child moved to New York City, where she worked as a copywriter. Later Child actually worked for the OSS during World War Two, … Continue reading

Chef’s Summer Recipes: John Toulze’s Corn Cakes

If you were to ask me for a restaurant recommendation in Sonoma, the first restaurant to come out of my mouth would be The Girl and The Fig. I still recall sitting in their outdoor area, next to a fire … Continue reading

Summer Recipes: Cheryl Najafi’s Pulled Pork Tacos Recipe

This is a guest post from New York Times best-selling author Cheryl Najafi. She is the mastermind behind the party-centric You’re So Invited: Panic Less, Play More and Get Your Party On!. The book is a no-fuss home entertaining guide. … Continue reading

Rediscover Cabbage With This Cabbage and Onion Torta

Melissa Clark writes a wonderful weekly food column called A Good Appetite for the New York Times. Her acclaimed cookbook, “In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite,” includes essays and recipes based on her column. (source) Clark’s most recent book … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Steve DiFillippo’s Angel Hair Pomodoro

Steve DiFillippo is the perfect restaurateur, with his award-winning Davio’s brand spread throughout the country, like New York, Atlanta, Boston, and Philadelphia. He has recently published his first book, “It’s All About the Guest: Exceeding Expectations in Business and in … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Amy Riolo’s Egyptian Sesame Challah

Amy Riolo is an award-winning author, chef, host of Culture of Cuisine cooking show, and a Mediterrenean cuisine expert. She has graced numerous television and radio programs in both United Staes and abroad, like Fox TV, CBS, Nile TV, and … Continue reading

One of The Most Important Food People You Don’t Know

Besides being fun and easygoing, one of the pleasures of working with FriendsEAT co-founders Blanca Valbuena and Antonio Evans is being exposed, not only to their love and appreciation of all things food, but to their combined knowledge of food … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Helen and Lisa Tse’s Steamed Soy Sauce Scallops

Entrepreneurial twin-sisters Helen and Lisa Tse are the brains behind the Sweet Mandarin Restaurant that bested 10,000 other restaurants to covet Gordon Ramsay’s Best Local Chinese Restaurant on Channel 4′s The F Word. But their success doesn’t end there. Their … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Lisa Lillien’s Blendy Vanilla Bliss

The Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, is a New York Times best-selling author and found of Hungry-Girl.com, a website that features a free daily email service that both entertains and keep people in the know on the latest news about food … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Lisa Lillien’s Spiced French Toast

The ‘Hungry Girl,’ Lisa Lillien, is the New York Times best-selling author behind the extremely successful blog, Hungry-Girl.com, where over millions of her subscribers await her free daily email service that both entertains and informs people around the world about … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Lisa Lillien’s Choco-Berry Oatmeal

Lisa Lillien (a.k.a. Hungry Girl) is the genius behind Hungry-Girl.com, where her daily email service entertains and informs over a million of her subscribers on food and healthy living. She also has a weekly column on WeightWatchers.com, regular contributions to … Continue reading

Interview with Kristin Bingham from Holy Cannoli Recipes

Kristin Bingham is the quirky genius behind the mouth-watering blog, Holy Cannoli Recipes. The blog is all about food, where Kristin shares recipes that she has tried, as well as some product reviews, too. What was your inspiration to start a … Continue reading

Winter Recipes: Yvette Garfield’s Apple Cinnamon Taquitos

Yvette Garlfield is the author of the popular Handstand Kids cookbook series. Before becoming an author, she entered law school and was certain to becoming a children’s rights attorney. She got the idea of the cookbook when she was traveling … Continue reading

Mulberry Project’s Pear Brandy Crusta in Celebration of the Repeal of Prohibition Day

To celebrate the Repeal of Prohibition Day on December 5th, the Lower East Side bespoke cocktail bar, Mulberry Project’s developed the Pear Brandy Crusta cocktail. With brandy so luxurious during Prohibition, it was hard to find so was used by … Continue reading

Fall Recipes: Nicole Hunn’s Apple Brown Betty

Nicole Hunn is the genius behind the popular blog, Gluten-Free on a Shoestring. The extreme success of her blog led her to crossover from online media to print with her book series “Gluten-Free on a Shoestring,” which garnered features and mentions in … Continue reading

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Beth Aldrich’s No Bake Lasagna

Leave it to the fabulous Beth Aldrich (Culinary Nutrition Trainer, Certified Health Counselor and author of the book, Real Moms Love to Eat) to make one of the world’s most beloved dishes, Lasagna, delicious AND guilt free. The recipe comes … Continue reading

Taming Aries the Ram With Mint Pesto

This is a guest post by trained astrologer and at home chef Joan Porte. She is the author of Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook.  Joan says “Each person is born with a map – a soul map – … Continue reading

The 4-Hour Chef Review

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.5 out of 5 stars You must have been in solitary confinement if you’re not familiar with Timothy Ferriss, best selling author of “The 4-Hour Workweek” (it will change your life) and “The 4-Hour … Continue reading

James Beard’s Best of the Best

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.6 out of 5 stars Hello? Bueller? It’s called “James Beard’s Best of the Best” for a reason. On the James Beard Foundation’s 25th anniversary, this book was born. It puts together the recipients of … Continue reading

The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity Review

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.6 out of 5 stars If you truly want to learn to cook, you need this 2009 James Beard Book Award winning book. Sure, you can follow a recipe, but what do you do … Continue reading

Bestselling Cookbooks of 2012 – Trends & Who’s Buying

Publishers Weekly’s Mark Rotella explores what makes a best selling cookbook, the demographics of who’s buying, and current cookbook trends, among other topics. Not surprisingly, as Rotella illustrates, among the prominent components for successful cookbook sales is having appeared on … Continue reading

The Big Book of Cupcakes Review

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.8 out of 5 stars Cupcakes are here to stay. These have gone beyond trend to foodie classic. Could be because they are cuter tinier versions of their sugary cake counter parts, or it … Continue reading

Paul Bocuse: The Complete Recipes Review

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.8 out of 5 stars Forget Jagger & Tyler. Bocuse is the real rock star. At 87 years old (he was born February 11, 1926) he does it like no one can. Think  three-Michelin-starred restaurants, … Continue reading