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Top 10 Recent Ambitious Food Heists

As we reported earlier, the trial involving one of the world’s premier counterfeit wine collections consisting of some of the most celebrated wines of the last century is in its 2nd week in a Manhattan federal court. Meanwhile, French police … Continue reading

French Cows Fed Fine Wine to Produce Primo Beef

Writing for The Telegraph, Peter Allen in Paris reports on French cows being fed up to two bottles of high quality wine every day as part of a project to produce the best beef in Europe. Allen claims the “Vinbovin” … Continue reading

Lab-Grown Meat: Is It Doomed To Fail?

Despite good intentions, lab grown “in vitro” meat does not taste or have the texture of real meat. Continue reading

Quarter Pounder Recipe

You would think making a burger would be simple, yet it is not. Food and flavor scientists like Howard Moskowitz are tasked with perfecting flavor combinations to make them, well, simply irresistible. This leaves us mere humans battling to replicate … Continue reading

Outer Space Smells Like Steak & Tastes Like Raspberries

In a novel, including the description of an odor when describing a place is a powerful writing tool, because unless the feature characteristic of a place is customarily associated by a particular odor, like a garbage dump, or a fish … Continue reading

Company Creates Horsemeat Ice Cream

According to an EU-funded research media center, the Brussels funded projects “Prospare” and “Rosano” have invented a method of creating “enriched” ice-cream, fortified with “disused” animal products which are normally thrown away by the meat industry as being unfit for … Continue reading

The Dangers of Buying Commercial Ground Beef

All year, we have reported on the dangers of purchasing commercial ground beef. More than 70,000 Americans are sickened each year by E. Coli infections, and most are caused by contaminated hamburger. The latest E. coli outbreak linked to ground … Continue reading

New Short Film “The Scarecrow” Seeks to Bring Real Food Back to People

Chipotle is a fast food restaurant chain committed to serving only responsibly raised beef, pork and chicken free of antibiotics and fed an additive-free, vegetarian diet. Chipotle prides itself on using high quality ingredients only from local family farms, and … Continue reading

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Olivier Rousselle’s Filet Mignon Steak Tartare

French Chef Olivier Rousselle’s Filet Mignon Steak Tartare Recipe Continue reading

USDA OKs Label For Meat From Animals On GMO-Free Diet

The USDA has approved a GMO-Free label for meat and liquid egg products, setting a precedent for other meat and poultry companies that want to label their products GMO-Free. The GMO-Free label verifies that meat endorsed by the Non-GMO Project … Continue reading

Why You Pay So Much for Your Burger

According to a recent USA Today report, the price of ground beef has climbed from $1.29 per pound to a record-breaking $3.51 in the last three decades. The continuing drought in the Midwest has dwindled herds to levels not seen … Continue reading

Chef John Schenk’s Grilling Tips

 Chef John Schenk, who is known for his intensive knowledge of meat and steaks, joined the BR Guest Hospitality Group to direct culinary operations, including the New York City and Las Vegas locations. He’s certainly made his mark. In 2004 … Continue reading

Free SmashBurger May 28 If…

Random & strange promotion (and useless to me since my name is NOT burger)…but yeah, SmashBurger is giving away free burgers if your name includes the word. Something tells me those of German descent will be quite happy this day. … Continue reading

Undercover In An Industrial Slaughterhouse – Part 2

Conover believes we have Upton Sinclair to thank for the federal meat inspection effort, adding that his book “The Jungle” frightened the nation so thoroughly in 1906 that Congress passed legislation mandating inspection the same year. Upton Sinclair’s novel describes … Continue reading

What FDA Tests Found in Your Meat

Antibiotics are used in livestock to prevent disease, but large corporate farms feed antibiotics to pigs, chickens, and cows to stimulate growth and save on feed costs, so that healthy cattle and poultry are routinely injected with antibiotics whether they … Continue reading

Hundreds of Meat Cuts Renamed Under New System

The pork and beef industries are renaming more than 350 cuts of meat in order to lure more consumers to outdoor grills this summer. According to the USDA, the supply of pork and beef hit a record high for the … Continue reading

Abattoir Alternative: Stress-Free Death

Stefanie Retz, an agricultural scientist from Kassel University, is conducting a study together with colleague Katrin Juliane Schiffer and the farmers at Bunde Wischen organic cattle farm in Schleswig, Germany. Spiegel Online’s Günther Stockinger points out that in this study, … Continue reading

Damn Good Burgers & Tacos at Cantine California in Paris

If you’ve ever traveled long term in France (or in any other country), you know that even if you have been eating the most refined delicacies, sometimes you just want a burger (or a tac0). Sadly, most burgers and tacos … Continue reading

First Horse Meat Now Dog Meat in UK Food?

Food fraud has gone from bad to worse in the UK. First it was the discovery of horsemeat in big brand products sold by supermarkets like Tesco and Asda. Then brands such as Birds Eye were suspect, along with chains … Continue reading


Top Chef All-Stars winner, Richard Blais has been working on his burger concept for a few years. Taking burger recipes from all across the US.    As an owner and chef of the modern hamburger join, FLIP Burger Boutique, he’s … Continue reading

USDA Threatens to Layoff All Meat Inspectors

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack has threatened to furlough all U.S. meat inspectors for two weeks because of automatic spending cuts scheduled for March 1. The federal agency has said it would give at least 30 days’ notice to employees. And … Continue reading

International Conspiracy Suspected in Europe’s Horse-Meat Scandal

A scandal about the use of horsemeat in products labeled beef has forced officials across Europe to send out an EU-wide alert regarding the safety of their food supply chain. About a month ago, routine tests by Irish authorities discovered … Continue reading

What You Eat May Increase Your Cancer Risk

According to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF), there are more than 200 types of cancer. A review of how lifestyle affects your risk of developing cancer was published in 2011, and included diet. It found that around 1 out … Continue reading

Exhaust Burger: For the Survivalist Who Has Everything

Laughing Squid recently reported on an odd invention called the Exhaust Burger, a unique concept for mobile barbecuing designed by a team of Iranian industrial designers. The metal device attaches to an automotive tailpipe and uses its exhaust to heat … Continue reading

3-D Printed Running Shoes, Medical Implants & Now Meat

Last year, Cornell Creative Machines Lab touted 3-D food printing technology the company claimed provided families with the incentive to eat healthier diets. Most of today’s 3-D food printing concepts use inks that are foods in fluid form, like molten … Continue reading

What Happened to All the Missing Wild Horses?

Writing for ProPublica, Dave Philipps explores The US Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) clandestine — albeit indirect — role in rounding up thousands of wild horses and sending many to their death by way of Tom Davis, a horse buyer … Continue reading

Kobe Beef Returns For U.S. Encore

A few months ago, recognizing fake Kobe beef on restaurant menus was easy because it was all fake, despite claims by many restaurants of serving real Japanese Kobe beef. That’s because under Japanese law, Kobe beef can only come from … Continue reading

Struggling Pink Slime Maker Sues ABC News

In response to public outrage, including an online petition demanding the USDA remove Pink Slime from the school lunch program, Pink Slime producer Beef Products, Inc. was forced to shut down three of its four plants after consumers engaged in … Continue reading

Recalls: 7 TONS of Salads, 19 TONS of Burger Patties & More…

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin company that makes packaged salads is recalling nearly seven tons of products because they contain onions that are the subject of a separate recall. Kenosha Beef International, Ltd., a Kenosha, Wis. is recalling approximately 37,600 pounds of … Continue reading

Cargill Meat Solutions Recalls 29,339 Pounds of Ground Beef

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has announced Cargill Meat Solutions, a Wyalusing, PA., establishment, is recalling 29,339 pounds of fresh ground beef products that may be contaminated with Salmonella. The 85-percent-lean ground beef was produced at Cargill’s … Continue reading

Silver Spoon? Nah, It’s Sapphire Bejeweled Steak Knives for Me!

“It cut like a knife but glitters like the best girl,” wrote Gavin Rossdale, in a diary type notebook for the STK steakhouse located at the Cosmopolitan, a luxury resort and casino in Las Vegas. Rossdale, the lead singer of … Continue reading

How an Animal Lover Learned to Hunt & Kill Dinner

Lily Raff McCaulou was raised as an animal lover in Takoma Park, Maryland, and educated at left-leaning Wesleyan University. McCaulou was raised as a gun-fearing environmentalist adhering to the principle that harming animals is wrong. But then something happened. In … Continue reading

Senate Votes Down GMO Labeling

On June 21st the United States Senate voted overwhelmingly against the Sanders Amendment to the Farm Bill that would have allowed states to pass legislation requiring GMO food and beverage products to labeled. Those in opposition killed the bill with … Continue reading

Fifteen Head of Cattle Drop Dead After Eating GM Grass

Fifteen head of cattle dropped dead on an 80-acre ranch in Texas after eating genetically-modified grass. “When our trainer first heard the bellowing, he thought our pregnant heifer may be having a calf or something,” said Jerry Abel in Elgin, … Continue reading

Beyond Pink Slime

The public’s outrage regarding pink slime resulted in the USDA offering schools, for the first time, the choice of buying beef without the pink slime additive for the 2012 school year. Having been given a choice, all but three states … Continue reading

Meat Glue: The Industry’s Way To Build a Steak Out of Scraps

After a public outcry over “pink slime” that led to closures and lost business for several meat companies, beef producers are now on the defensive in an attempt to justify the use of meat glue. Bloomberg notes more and more … Continue reading

US Beef Tainted with Mad Cow May Still Be in Your Supermarket

Last month, two of South Korea’s biggest retailers halted sales of US beef after the discovery of “mad cow” in the US. As a result, South Korean authorities said they will increase checks on beef imports from the US, where … Continue reading

Oscar Mayer “It’s Yes Food”, But Is It Really?

One of the latest brand names attempting to reel in the rapidly growing health-conscious consumer is Oscar Mayer. Tom Bick, Oscar Mayer’s marketing and advertising director, readily admits consumers are avoiding processed foods, and artificial preservatives. As a result, Kraft … Continue reading

The Kobe Beef Lie

Writing for Forbes, journalist Larry Olmsted, who has written weekly columns for USA Today and Investors Business Daily, claims that if you think you’ve tasted the famous Japanese Kobe beef, you’re sadly mistaken, because you cannot get it in the … Continue reading

Six Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Intake of Carcinogenic Food Coloring

According to a growing number of scientific studies [pdf], artificial food dyes contain human carcinogens, and are linked to adverse behavior in children. And yet every year, manufacturers release 15 million pounds or more of synthetic dyes into U.S. foods. … Continue reading