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Articles under "baking"

Healthy Baking Substitutions (Infographic)

One thing I could say, this is a brilliant idea! This is one of things everyone should be doing: substituting butter and sugar with some healthier ingredients. This healthy baking substitutions chart will help you bake healthier food. The source … Continue reading

Fall Recipe: Mindy Kobrin’s Pumpkin Banana Muffins

Mindy Kobrin’s food philosophy at Meals on Heels is Don’t Worry, Eat Happy. That’s something we can definitely stick to. Mindy’s goal is to give children, moms and dads all the information and inspiration they need to shop for nutritious, seasonal foods and to … Continue reading

Mason Jar Cookie Company: Perfect Gift For the Holidays

You’re all probably freaking out over Chrismukkah. Yah – me too. I’ve already seen both Christmas, Hanukkah and Festivus decorations all over the stores in NYC. Issue is I HATE SHOPPING. I’m sure you do too…you end up walking for hours, … Continue reading

Fall Recipes: Terry Walters’ Cinnamon Whole Oats with Toasted Almonds

Terry Walters, author of the highly-acclaimed and bestselling books CLEAN FOOD and CLEAN START, is at the forefront of the clean eating lifestyle movement. Terry was not only a James Beard Foundation Award finalist, but also the recipient of the … Continue reading

Chef Reveals the Truth in Multi-million Super Yachts

Reddit has become a successful social news and entertainment website, catering to over 400 million unique visitors every month. It’s so popular, even the President of the United States, Barack Obama has posted his own AMA (Ask Me Anything) on … Continue reading

Fall Recipes: Gena Knox’s Pecan Sandies

I first met Gena at the Fancy Food Show. She was vibrant, fun, and obviously knew her stuff. When I met her, she was just getting her new business, Fire & Flavor started. She has built it into a well respected … Continue reading

The History of Pie (Infographic)

Apple, pumpkin, cherry, pecan—you can’t go wrong when you’re trying to decide on your favorite kind of pie! Pie has been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians and has evolved into the treat you’ve come to know and … Continue reading

Fall Recipes: John Brahm’s Burgundy Baked Brie

Arbor Hill Winery is a rarity nowadays. It is a family business that goes back generations. In the early 1900’s, on John Brahm’s side of the family, Anna Randall wed Elmer Standish and began a Naples grape-growing tradition. This tradition … Continue reading

Chef’s Fall Recipes: Trish Asher’s Butternut Squash & Bleu Cheese Gallette

Trish Asher opened the Brown Hound Bistro in 2005, aiming to bring the variety, quality & economic benefit of locally sourced food and wine to local and visiting guests alike. At the time, eating “local” was not trendy and educating diners on … Continue reading

Fall Recipes: Elana Horwich’s Multi-Grain Stuffing

LA Based Meal and a Spiel is a great online cooking school and a fabulous resource for the home cook to find recipes, videos, and health information. The site is organized into “spiels” that are written to become passionate about … Continue reading

Chef’s Fall Recipe: Andrew Chambers’ Cinnamon Roll Baked Apples

Chef Andrew Chambers was raised in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. His love of cooking and baking was sparked as he helped his grandmother with her Sunday dinners. This continued when his parents opened a diner. He … Continue reading

Latest Train Wreck: Amy’s Baking Reality Show

If you feel like having a good laugh, head over to Amy’s Baking Company’s Facebook page. They have announced that they are casting for a reality show to cash in on the shitstorm that is their business.  We are currently hiring/casting … Continue reading

Bakery Chef Dominique Ansel and His Recent Tantalizing Creations

After its launch in May, Cronut fans turned Manhattan bakery Chef Dominique Ansel’s original dessert creation into the crack cocaine of all desserts.  (Source) Cronuts — half croissant, half doughnut — are made from thin layers of flaky croissant dough that … Continue reading

Chef’s Summer Recipe: Rory Macdonald’s Summer Cherry Marquise

Michelin Starred Chef Rory Macdonald’s Summer Cherry Marquise Recipe Continue reading

Chef’s Summer Recipes: Chris Brugler’s Vegan Brownie Bites with Dried Cranberries & Mint

Chef Chris Brugler developed his passion for the culinary arts as a teenager, and made it a goal to learn all that he could in the kitchen. He attended The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia, and soon … Continue reading

Amy’s Baking Company: New Employee Contract Scandal Emerges

After the “Kitchen Nightmares” episode aired in which chef Gordon Ramsay walked off the set of Amy’s Baking Company, and the owners, Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, were filmed firing one waitress and yelling and pushing customers, Amy’s closed. During the … Continue reading

Paula Deen Redux – Dunkin’ Donuts Bacon-Doughnut Sandwich

Dunkin’ Donuts appears to have borrowed a recipe from someone No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain once characterized as “The most dangerous person to America” — Paula Deen. Dunkin’ Donuts is adding a doughnut breakfast sandwich to its U.S. menu this … Continue reading

The Big Book of Cupcakes Review

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.8 out of 5 stars Cupcakes are here to stay. These have gone beyond trend to foodie classic. Could be because they are cuter tinier versions of their sugary cake counter parts, or it … Continue reading

McDonald’s Baguette is Both Praised & Criticized As a Perversion

When a Michelin starred chef lavishes McDonald’s with praise, something very peculiar is simmering in someone’s skillet somewhere. “I’m lovin’ it,” Pierre Koffmann said after tasting a baguette sandwich at a McDonald’s in Paris. “If I was hungry walking by, … Continue reading

Modern Wheat is Nothing Like Wheat Your Grandmother Ate

Author and preventive cardiologist William Davis, MD, makes the astounding claim that the modern form of wheat is a sham, and isn’t real wheat at all. “The wheat products sold to you today are nothing like the wheat products of … Continue reading

Oldest Bakery in Paris Closes After More Than 200 Years

The oldest bakery in Paris — Boulangerie Patisserie Au Grand Richelieu, dating back to 1810 — will close after over 200 years in business because of rising rent and real estate prices. Claude Esnault, the current baker has been in … Continue reading

The Rise of the Cupcake (Infographic)

We have seen the Anatomy of Cupcakes and now you will see how the this little cakes will rise from rag to riches. The modest cupcake was once a traditional dessert at children’s parties. Today the cupcake business is a … Continue reading

Why Do We Like Gingerbread (Infographic)

It’s not Christmas (especially for kids) when there’s no Gingerbread. The ginger smell in our kitchen fulfill the season’s atmosphere. I love our Infographic for today, simple but creative and fun! See more reasons why everyone loves gingerbread. Source: Culinar.ro

For Some, Coconut Oil Has Moved “From Villain to Hero”

Jane Lear, former senior editor at Gourmet and author of several cookbooks, recently had some interesting things to say about coconut oil. Lear claims that after years of bad press for its high saturated-fat content, coconut oil is now being … Continue reading

Massachusetts School Bake Sale Ban Enacted & Lifted

Earlier this month, state health officials in Massachusetts approved a school bake sale ban ostensibly designed to combat youth obesity. The ban, scheduled to become effective in August, prohibited the sale of sweets in schools during the school day and … Continue reading

The Eighth Deadly Sin: Queen City Cookies Bacon Schnecken

I like bacon. I’m not a bacon fanatic (not enough to get a bacon coffin or utilize some bacon “lotion”). I think the majority of things that people are concocting with bacon are monstrosities. This is not so with Queen … Continue reading

Eating Chocolate 5 Days A Week May Make You Thinner

Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD, at the University of California, wrote in a letter published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, claiming those who ate chocolate about five times a week had a body mass index one point lower than those … Continue reading

Oreo Cookie Celebrates 100th Birthday

On March 6th, Oreo cookies turned 100 years old, and are now sold in more than 100 countries around the world. More than 490 billion Oreos have been sold since first introduced at the Nabisco factory in New York in … Continue reading

23rd Annual U.S. Pastry Competition

The 23rd Annual U.S. Pastry Competition took place this week at the International Restaurant and Food Service Show. It is my favorite part of the show, so I figured I should take some pictures to show you just why it is … Continue reading

Lawmaker: Girl Scouts, Cookie Sales Linked to Communism & Homosexuality

According to freshman Rep. Bob Morris, an Indiana Republican representing Fort Wayne, Girl Scouts and the cookies they sell, promote communism, lesbianism and subvert traditional American family values. In a letter Morris wrote to Republican House colleagues obtained by the … Continue reading

Are There Cardinal Rules in Cooking?

Samuel Arbesman, a senior scholar at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and author of the forthcoming book “The Half-Life of Facts”, examines the rapid growth in the science of cooking in a recent article and questions whether there are really … Continue reading

2011 Pastry Chef of the Year Alex Hwang Valentine’s Day Treats

If you’re like me, you’ve decided to stay home on Valentine’s day. I think it makes for a perfect excuse to spend all day cooking and baking. I received two great recipes from The American Culinary Federation just for the … Continue reading

Oil Basics

We’re all familiar with oils. They are essential to cooking. An oil is basically a fat that remains liquid in room temperature. What I like most about oils is that each type can act as a flavoring agent for your … Continue reading

The Chuckwagon Blueberry Dump-Cobbler

This is a guest post by Roger Edison, the mastermind behind the Cowboys and Chuckwagon blog which was chosen by the FriendsEAT community as one of the best food blogs of 2011 (#11 to be exact). Chuckwagon cooking is something that most … Continue reading

Norwegian Butter Shortage Drives Prices to $32 a Pound

A severe butter shortage has hit Norway, due in part to high demand for butter used in traditional Norwegian Christmas dishes, as well as the popularity of a low-carbohydrate, fat-rich diet. The butter shortfall has also been attributed to a … Continue reading

Pita Bread

If you’re a Middle Eastern food lover like me, you’re probably familiar with pita bread.  It is a simple leavened bread dough, rolled thin and baked in a brick oven (this adds unique characteristics). Pita became popular in the 80′s, … Continue reading

Poll: What is your favorite doughnut flavor?

The results are in for our totally unscientific Facebook poll to find out what the world’s favorite doughnut flavors are. Mine is Chocolate Glazed (came in at #4). Want to see if your favorite made the top ten? Check the … Continue reading