The Best of French Press: The Bodum Brazil Coffee Press

1x1.trans The Best of French Press: The Bodum Brazil Coffee PressNow, enjoying that fine cup of coffee in the morning with your coffee maker can be a very nice tradition. And why not? The mornings can be cold and chilly, and you’d certainly want something to perk you up a bit. Frankly, I can say that my day is not complete without my daily coffee ritual. I like my coffee maker, it gives me that caffeine shot my body is craving for.

Of course, there can be something better than that.

Reminds me of the time I went to my parents’ place. They have this nice French press coffee maker from Bodum Brazil that left me impressed. It’s a simple coffee maker that does what no other conventional coffee maker has been able to do (and that includes my own): brew the ultimate coffee. The moment the coffee cup kissed my lips, I was taken away. The taste of that brewed coffee was totally seared in my mind. It’s amazing how such a simple device can do something like that.

1x1.trans The Best of French Press: The Bodum Brazil Coffee PressCoffee brewed using the French press method can be said as one of the most delicious coffee made in the world. Unlike the ground, steam, and drip method used by conventional coffee makers, the French press simply squeezes the coffee juice out of the beans. And since the latter method doesn’t use paper filters, you can be sure to get even the oils in the beans that makes coffee so great. There’s that flavor, that aroma, which exists in freshly-pressed coffee that is simply inexistent with the paper-filtered ones. It may be hard to believe it but it’s true.

That’s what makes Bodum Brazil one of the best names in the French press-style coffee makers. You can’t compare the quality, the taste, and ease-of-use in Bodum Brazil coffee makers with the others. You could pretty much say that this brand is the “Godfather” of coffee makers. And it brews coffee in a relatively inexpensive way. You just add one tablespoon of ground coffee for every four ounces of water, let the maker brew for four minutes, pour it hot in a coffee cup, and enjoy. Even clean-up is not a problem. You just throw away the used ground coffee, run soapy water in the carafe, and then wipe it dry. That’s how easy it is.

And think how easy it will be for you if you can get your own French press coffee maker. I’m planning to buy one myself so I can also enjoy a cup of delicious coffee, too.

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