Review Bock Bizstro Budapest, Hungary

1x1.trans Review Bock Bizstro Budapest, HungaryWe just left Italy to visit some very good friends in Hungary. They took us to an amazing dinner at Klass Bistro last night. I knew after such a good meal, I could not just pick a random place to eat lunch. I got busy, reading blogs and checking reviews and found a wonderful restaurant called Bock Bizstro.

I am so glad we chose this place. When we walked in we were warmly greeted by the staff. Pangs of fear slowly creeped up my spine as I started noticing “Reserved”signs on almost every table. There was one top left; for two. This was fate.

1x1.trans Review Bock Bizstro Budapest, HungaryWe sat down and were given our wine list and menu. Both were in Hungarian and English. We were at first confused by the all Hungarian wine list. It listed two prices: 750 ml and 1 Liter. Our server explained that by law, restaurants must list the price of wine per liter, but that liters of wine are not served. We decided to go with a glass of Hungarian rose each and peruse the menu.

1x1.trans Review Bock Bizstro Budapest, HungaryWhen the wine arrived, it was delightful. Not overly complex, dry and perfect for a hot summer afternoon. Our server brought over bread with a complimentary fat spread. It took incredible will power to keep away from the spread. If you have ever had chicharrones, this tasted like cream flavored with chicharron. I took a bite and stopped, knowing my waistline would not forgive another bite.

1x1.trans Review Bock Bizstro Budapest, HungaryWe started with a cucumber salad: mezogyani uborka salat (800 forints). It reminded me of something you would get in a Korean restaurant. Lightly pickled cucumbers, a hint of sweetness, gently  powdered with paprika and still refreshing.

1x1.trans Review Bock Bizstro Budapest, HungaryFor my main dish, I got the paprika chicken: tejfeles csirkepaprika (3700 forints). The chicken was impeccable. Juicy on the inside, the cream sauce was light and the paprika flavoring delicate. A single spicy pepper was there if you desired a bit of heat (I was incredibly ready for it and not expecting this in a Hungarian restaurant). The biggest surprise; my drumstick was speared not with its bone. The bone had been replaced by a gorgeous piece of white asparagus. Delightful.

1x1.trans Review Bock Bizstro Budapest, HungaryAntonio chose another chicken dish; fried chicken: supreme csrkemell (3400 forints). This was fried chicken to perfection. Not really sure what type of breading was used, but it was incredibly even on the skin, light and thin. There was no hint of greasiness to the bird. The meat was succulent, juicy and complex. For a few seconds I was coveting his dish…but then I took a bite of mine again.

I would recommend this restaurant if you are visiting Hungary. Do not leave seating to chance; we happened to get very lucky with that open top. The meal cost us about $70 USD, this included bottled water, four glasses of wine, an appetizer, two main courses (as well as the delicious spread) and tip (it was included).

The problem now…where to eat next?

Bock Bizstro is located at Erzsébet boulevard 43-49 on the Pest side of Budapest, Hungary. +36 1 321 03 40

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