Food Blog Digest – Baked!

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest – Baked!Nothing can be more comforting than a warm and filling serving of dessert.  We have gathered some of the best recent recipes of baked goodies that reflect the spice of the season.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest – Baked!Bittersweet Blog – Bread and Potatoes?

This double whammy of carbs may send anyone running from this delicious treat, but this recipe for Sauerkraut and Potato Focaccia can be a savory meal in itself.  Your mouth will be in for a an adventure of taste with a slice of bread topped infused with sauerkraut and topped with thinly sliced potatoes and thin onions.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest – Baked!Pastry Studio – Ginger Treats

The spiciness of ginger is married perfectly with the sweet of chocolate coating in this recipe for Ginger Cakes with Chocolate Glaze.  This concoction from the Pastry Studio sets the stage for earthy flavors heightened by the surprise kick of ginger which eventually rests in the comfort of chocolate.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest – Baked!Elana’s Pantry – Gluten-free Biscuits

A simple dessert does not mean it lacks the flavor.  In this recipe, Elana shares the secret in making gluten-free biscuits that does not fall short in tastiness.  A perfect complement to your Thanksgiving meal or enjoyed with a warm mug of coffee or hot chocolate.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest – Baked!Herbivoracions – Sesame Corn Muffins

Herbivore Michael posts a modified recipe of sesame corn muffins.  The alterations would prove to be a victory which would lead to better flavors and even possible doors for experimentation.  In any case, these muffins could be paired off with honey and butter or as a side for a big bowl of chili.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest – Baked!Andrea’s Recipes – Gluten-Free Pumpkin Scones

As the pumpkin proves to be a star this season, Andrea takes this wonder root and turned them into gluten-free scones.  Andrea shares this adventure in going gluten-free for this baking activity, and the result — a scone as delicious yet healthier than the regular scones.

1x1.trans Food Blog Digest – Baked!
1x1.trans Food Blog Digest – Baked!
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1x1.trans Food Blog Digest – Baked!
1x1.trans Food Blog Digest – Baked!

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