Big Night (1996) Review

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She’s a philistine! Maybe I put mashed potatoes for the other side!’‘ cries Primo as his brother Secondo relates the request of a diner who has just complained about her perfectly made risotto and asked for a side of spaghetti and meatballs. The problem is that although Primo is a master chef, the brothers are quickly going broke while they watch their competitor (right across the street) rake in the dough by making sub par “I-talian” fare.

This is the struggle of so many restaurateurs, who suffer at the dimwitted palates of the public. Those who can’t get past their art and head right to poverty and failed restaurants.

To tell you more would ruin the movie, just know it is rich, sophisticated, and delicious…just like Primo’s risotto.

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“You CAN smell the food while watching”

This is a beautiful movie on a number of levels. As many reviewers have noted already the Italian cooking and the scenes in the kitchen will have you craving a fine Italian dinner as soon as you finish watching.Beyond the food this is a fine film…Read more

“What a delight – but eat before you watch it”Big Night 1996 Big Night (1996) Review

Eat before you watch this movie; otherwise, you’ll end up painfully hungry and go stuff yourself with every bit of Italian food you can lay your hands on.This is a simple story of two brothers struggling to fulfill their dreams – one to be a…Read more

“Wonderful ‘Little Film’”Big Night 1996 Review Big Night (1996) Review

Stanley Tucci, as actor, co-writer, and co-director (with Campbell Scott, who also plays a pitch-perfect small part as a car salesman), deserves a great deal of the credit for this small, intimate, delightful film. But the film resonates because it got…Read more

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