Bicycle Carts And Streetfoods Along The Roads

Bicycle carts anyone? Roaming food trucks were the precursors of many food carts that a lot of street food vendors have become popular for. With more food vendors joining in in the new vending platform, the bicycle carts are slowly gaining ground in selling street foods. We know food trucks and other food vending trailers have been all over, often serving ice creams and foods stuff, but there’s another roaming food cart in town that gets people excited.1x1.trans Bicycle Carts And Streetfoods Along The Roads

The bicycle carts are now the latest addition for food vendors to engage in the food business, besides using this mode of transportation to deliver mail and milk. But now, the bicycle carts are getting the attention of consumers to stave off roaming hunger, selling street foods and beverages. Freight bicycles or commonly known as cargo bikes are built with specifications depending on the purpose. A normal cargo bike looks like an ordinary bike but has huge carriers (like an open box) and wheels on each side of the carrier for balance, with each region creating cargo bikes in their own designs. In Amsterdam, the bikes are used to transport children while in UK, bicycles are still used to deliver mails (despite the use of web messenger nowadays). It reached the manufacturing sector of the U.S. in the 1990s, using bikes as eco-friendly means of vending foods for small businesses. They are commonly referred to nowadays as food carts.

1x1.trans Bicycle Carts And Streetfoods Along The RoadsBicycle carts are basically food carts that have cycling wheels on it. Depending on the cart’s size, wheels are placed on each side to move the cart around by bicycling or pushing the cart. Normally, a food cart sells street food, like hot dog, popcorns, and ice cream – something that is small enough to fit the bicycle cart’s container size. The hot dog carts are one of the popular bicycle carts these days. The food vendors either sell ready-made goodies or can even cook the foods they sell right before your eyes in the cart with a built-in cooking system that lets the food vendor sell freshly-cooked treats. With the popularity of this eco-friendly and creative mobile system, more and more businessmen are able to work and earn even with the simplest kind of foods and treats that people will definitely love.

Coffee plays a huge part in every working man or women. Some drink coffee at home, while some people go and grab a cup of coffee from coffee shops. Now, the coffee shop is brought to them. A coffee shop in a bicycle cart, how cool is that? It really seems to be a pretty clever idea to sell coffee on the streets. The Free Range Café has a cycling barista who roams around town along with a huge box containing coffee makers, products, cups and other stuff. This coffee shop in a bicycle cart is usually parked at places where there are lots of people walking or hanging around. Another coffee shop has come out of its shell to serve coffee on the streets. Talking about caring for the environment, Wash Perk coffee shop has introduced its Perk Cycle which rolled out on the streets last March. They make use of local food vendors in the area to do the selling for more cost-efficient services (also saving fuel costs). This is something that could inspire others to venture into small business and profit.

1x1.trans Bicycle Carts And Streetfoods Along The Roads

Bicycle carts are definitely the new food vending system of this generation. Fuel-efficient and low on maintenance, food vendors can definitely sell at lower costs and still profit. In addition, the bicycle food carts can be conveniently parked. Unlike the food truck which needs a bigger parking space. These food carts or bicycle carts to be more eco-friendly, conveniently catering to the roaming hunger of foodies, and less pricey to start your business with. Now, there are more creative minds trying to develop more business opportunities to people while saving the environment.

Roll on, roll off with the bicycle food carts for your new street food vending venture or you can check out for a bicycle cart concession if you want. Today, food vendors do not have to worry about the rising cost of fuel to move their food trucks. Bicycle carts can provide you with the same profits as the food truck and other food vending trailers with a low investment.

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