Best Wine Gifts for Foodies 2012

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What's This?

Soiree Wine Decanter & Aerator Built 2-Bottle Wine Bag Riedel Vinum Wine Glass Tasting Set The Wine Bible NewAir 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Wine Glass Marker Double-Wall Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller Corkcicle Wine Chiller 3 Pack Champagne Re-Corker The Complete Wine Taste & Aroma Kit Wineaux Tee Riedel Black Tie Bliss Decanter Image Map

Soiree Wine Decanter & Aerator

This is an amazing on-the-bottle wine aerator/decanter. No, it’s not a useless unitasker. I use mine daily (yeah…daily…I’d like to keep the wine industry alive). I tested this, and other aerators. This one had the best results. Don’t hesitate, you’ll thank me.

Built 2-Bottle Wine Bag

I’ve had mine for years. I use it daily. I take it to the wine shop, to picnics, to parties when I gift wine. It is super comfortable to hold (not like plastic shopping bags that can dig into your fingers. Built cushions the bottles and even insulates. I even used mine while traveling in Europe to store my Riedel glassed (which I used to drink wine on the train). The glasses lasted me my whole trip.

Riedel Vinum Wine Glass Tasting Set

There is nothing like Riedel when it comes to wine. This is a terrific starter set for someone just getting into wine. It includes lead crystal wine glasses that fit with a range of wines including Bordeaux, Montrachet, Burgundy, and Sauvignon Blanc. Get two (one for you, one for your friend) and throw a wine party.

The Wine Bible

This is perhaps, the most thorough wine book out there. It is perfect for either an amateur or for a Master Sommelier. The book covers everything from Australia to Bordeaux to Casablanca. The book goes through wine history, wine making techniques, flavor profiles, food pairings. A must for any wine loving household.

NewAir 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Maybe you are not quite ready for a full cellar. You’re certainly ready for this wine fridge. It holds 18 bottles (so you can get that case discount at your  local store) and always have wine on hand. It is a super quiet machine, and there’s virtually no vibration to upset your wine. It has a nifty temperature display for accuracy, and it is quite sexy.

Wine Glass Marker

Wine glass charms are annoying. They clank, simply, they are kinda cheesy. Pick up these pens and your guests will always know which glass is theirs. And when they are ready to go home, just write it on their glass. The marker wipes off with cooking oil for easy cleanup. They come in silver and gold.

Double-Wall Iceless

Wine Bottle Chiller Ice is messy. Each time you pull out the bottle, you need to wipe. This chiller has thermal insulated walls to keep your bottle chilled for 3 hours – with no exterior sweat. It is modern and sleek and would look perfect on that Saarinen table you…err…your friend has been lusting after.

Corkcicle Wine Chiller 3 Pack

Corkcicle has created the most sophisticated chilling choice. These are brilliant for parties, take no space and are perfect conversation starters. And they work as a cork! Stick them in the freezer for 2 hours, pop it in the bottle…you’re done.

Champagne Re-Corker

I love bubbly on a daily basis, but buying a 375ml just wastes money…and buying a bottle to let the sparkle disappears is just a sin. Pick up this champagne recorker and your bubbly will remain bubbly for three full fays.

The Complete Wine Taste & Aroma Kit

Tired of hearing wine snobs say this wine tastes like Lychee…and that other wine tastes like leather…and that one….like cat piss? This kit will make you even more knowledgeable than then. It will get you to identify wine tastes and aromas like a true connoisseur. Impress friends and baffle wine stewards at restaurants. Totally worth it.

Wineaux Tee

Wineaux. it’s cheesy, but after a bottle of wine everyone in the room will appreciate it. I’ve got this in hat format, and I wear it proudly.

Riedel Black Tie Bliss Decanter

The Bliss decanter brings a touch of whimsy and sophistication. This decanter is glass blown and made without molds to Riedel’s exacting standards. It is simply a work of art.

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