Best Performing Restaurants in Lincoln Center’s Neighborhood

1x1.trans Best Performing Restaurants in Lincoln Center’s NeighborhoodThe Lincoln Center in New York takes pride in being the world’s leading home stage for the performing arts. Have a seat and enjoy various world class shows that the performers have specially prepared for you. But as such a classy performing center invites hundreds of guests from around the world to witness world class acts, it also boasts of a neighborhood with world class dining offers. Let us take a journey into the top restaurants that are in Lincoln Center’s neighborhood of dreams.

1x1.trans Best Performing Restaurants in Lincoln Center’s Neighborhood10. Shun Lee. This is one of the best Chinese restaurants in town, and oh yeah, did I say it was fine dining? From the very dramatic monkey and dragon sculptured creatures, to the entrée of traditional Chinese meets American dishes that the best culinary team of Shun Lee has prepared for their guests, everything seems to be world class. They have different types of menus to choose from, from ordinary day menus like Lunch and Dinner Menu, Traditional Menu, Café Menu and Dimsum Menu to the Banquet Dinner, Traditional banquet, and Restaurant Week Menu – Shun Lee certainly has lots to offer the hungry foodies. Order their customer favorite Beijing Duck, or their ginger chicken dish and beggar’s chicken (which requires at least one day notice) and have a classic fine dining experience before you head out to Lincoln Center.

1x1.trans Best Performing Restaurants in Lincoln Center’s Neighborhood9. A Voce. A Michelin-Star recipient, A Voce has certainly done its best to keep foodies and food critics coming back to their humble abode. This restaurant has been praised for their outstanding drink selection, from wines, spirits and cocktails which added some charm to their very inviting entrees. Chef Missy Robbins has been creating delicious authentic Italian cuisines, concentrating on regional flavors and use of local ingredients for a well-developed dish that has captivating flavors and aroma. Prepare your tummies for well-prepared pasta dishes with fish and meat cuisines that are very fresh and flavorful. Chef Robbins definitely mastered the art of making contemporary dishes out of authentic Italian treats. They’ve got menus for Dinner, Lunch, and Desserts along with a prix-fixe and brunch menus for your liking.

1x1.trans Best Performing Restaurants in Lincoln Center’s Neighborhood8. Marea. This Two-Michelin Star Italian Restaurant in Central Park, New York is one of the most sought-after restaurants in the neighborhood. This restaurant is famous for its remarkable fish dishes and other seafood entrees with a great wine selection and a perfect location, nearing the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts. Executive chef, Michael White has drawn deep inspiration from world-class Italian cuisines with the influence of local ingredients. Marea is Chef White’s redefinition of fine Italian dining with a touch of American characteristics of being big and bold. Their dinner menu is a prix-fixe course where local favorites include the Lobster Burrata with sourdough bread, Fusilli with red wine braised octopus and bone marrow, and Ferratini (pasta with manila clams, calamari, hot chilies).

1x1.trans Best Performing Restaurants in Lincoln Center’s Neighborhood7. Grand Tier. Metropolitan Opera House’s own high-class restaurant, Grand Tier, is always among the favorite fine-dining places in the area. Whether you have dinner prior to the start of the show or during the intermission, Grand Tier will always serve scrumptious meals while maintaining a very classy and elegant ambiance to make your dining experience a great one. It has high ceilings with huge chandeliers hovering above the room and filled with rare art pieces made by various artists. They offer a fantastic pre-show prix-fixe menu with a bottle of the best Italian and Californian wines they have. Salmon and chicken dishes are among the guest’s favorites. Enjoy the food at Grand Grand Tier and enjoy the performances at the Met.

1x1.trans Best Performing Restaurants in Lincoln Center’s Neighborhood6. Masa Have a fun-filled Japanese dinner before heading out to watch performances at Lincoln Center by dining at Masa. Masa is a Three-Star Michelin Japanese restaurant that offers specialties like sushi and other native Japanese dishes. This Japanese restaurant in New York may be one of the world’s most expensive restaurants, but every dining experience at Masa is penny-worth. Chef Masa Takayama, chef and owner of this sushi temple creates sushi masterpieces himself with the use of local, seasonal, and even exotic ingredients like Kobe beef and truffles. Most sushi brand fish he uses usually comes from Japan’s own seas. This sushi temple is built with Japanese pride, influence, and honor with a great Zen ambiance and good Japanese food serving. It’s all about the essence of native Japanese dishes that Masa has prepared for the hungry guests in the area.

1x1.trans Best Performing Restaurants in Lincoln Center’s Neighborhood5. Picholine. Given a three-star rating by The New York Times, Picholine boasts of its classic French and Mediterranean cuisines that are absolutely “fantastique!” Chef/Owner Terrance Brennan knows best when it comes to serving only the best to his guests. His creative mind has turned classic French, Italian and Spanish flavors into amazing original dishes that have captured the palates of many foodies, in and out of New York. Highly recommended dishes include the Sea Urchin Panna Cotta with caviar, Sea Scallops, other seafood and chicken dishes. It doesn’t end here. They also have a great selection of fine wines and didn’t I tell you they have a secret cave of cheese? This lies behind their Wine Room with over 2,500 bottles of Wine. A cheese haven and a fantastique French-Mediterranean restaurant, only here at Picholine.

1x1.trans Best Performing Restaurants in Lincoln Center’s Neighborhood4. Bar Boulud. Another French restaurant introduces a casual dining and bar experience in the Upper West Side in New York. This is one of Chef Daniel Boulud’s humble abode, making up treats for the hungry foodies of Lincoln Center. Bar Boulud is a casual bistro with interiors and design that are not overpowering, keeping it simple and dim for a very romantic and rather relaxing ambiance while enjoying your French-inspired cuisines and fine wines that feature vintages from Burgundy and Rhone Valley. If you’re in for a more private dining, they have intimate wine rooms that are perfect for your liking. From simple ham and sausage plates to Pâtés and terrines, Croque Monsieur to their dark chocolate tart and red wine-rhubarb sorbet Bar Boulud as certainly leveled up their standards for a classic bistro experience before or after a night of great performances at Lincoln Center.

1x1.trans Best Performing Restaurants in Lincoln Center’s Neighborhood3. The Lincoln Ristorante. This marvelously structured restaurant is definitely not owned by the cartoon family, Jetsons, but everyone’s up for contemporary Italian treats in a high-class setting. Chef Jonathan Benno made his own interpretation of classic Italian dishes under the roof of a very modernized abode. He has gained culinary expertise from learning in the kitchens of famous French restaurants, Per Se and the French Laundry, and now he has set his goals of making Lincoln Ristorante a premier dining place in the City. Guests would enjoy their entrée of Antipasti, Primi, Chef’s menu, and meat and a whole lot more, carefully thought of and prepared by Chef Benno and his culinary team. Have a pre-dinner meal or even slide through their tables during the intermission, and get a fantastic panoramic view and great Italian dining at Lincoln Ristorante.

1x1.trans Best Performing Restaurants in Lincoln Center’s Neighborhood2. Nougatine. Only the best are served to the guests – this is what Nougatine is all about. World-renowned chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten has prepared carefully crafted French menu for all the hungry foodies in the area who are looking for a casual yet classic French dining experience. Despite the spurt of many restaurants in the area, Nougatine has maintained a name for being consistently good at serving the best entrée of French cuisines a very casual setting. People tend to overlook this place, but once the flavors have set in your palate, you’d regret the day you passed by this amazing restaurant. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner all week long. The guests love their soups, seafood entrees such as the Sauteed Red Snapper, Salmon with sautéed potatoes and meat dishes like Grilled Sirloin and Roasted Organic Chicken. Have a warm experience with a pre- or post- dinner here at Nougatine.

1x1.trans Best Performing Restaurants in Lincoln Center’s Neighborhood1. Per Se. This is one of the finest restaurants, bringing people in from around the world to experience high-class French dining experience in New York. Owned and run by “The” Chef Thomas Keller, Per Se has definitely something to offer the locals and international guests of New York City. Chef Keller’s Per Se is an urbanized version of his other abode, The French Laundry. Here, he tries to reinvent and re-introduce the dishes so that there would always be something new to satisfy the foodie’s palates. They have prix-fixe meals for the vegans and the non-vegans. The restaurant is designed with the combination of marble, granite, and wood. The dishes are made to give the guests a very emotional experience, and this is what Per Se is all about. It brings all the best products the earth could ever provide, putting creative minds together to serve the best possible meals and satisfy the people. Every menu speaks of a story that is close to Per Se. They serve the best Pearl and Oyster dishes in town and a great selection of fine wines to accompany the meals. A truly remarkable dining experience when you’re at Per Se.

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