Best French Roses for Summer 2012

1x1.trans Best French Roses for Summer 2012The FriendsEAT summer rose tasting is becoming tradition. This year, we were joined by Sommelier Robert Terek, Wine Director Justine Hah, and Wine Director Matthew Harrell.  French roses are fabulous and I think more people should drink them. The wines below are our recommendations for summer 2012.

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1x1.trans Best French Roses for Summer 2012

Le Galantin 2011: Citrus, white peach and vanilla were quite prominent in this bottle. While not overly complicated, this wine could be enjoyed by a novice or connoisseur.

Quatre Tours Classique 2011: Spice, jasmin, and grapefruit were the protagonists in this bottle. There was even a candied citrus quality to the juice.

Domaine De Roquefort Corail 2011: Lots of strawberry and raspberry followed by a candied citrus.

Domaine Sorin 2011: This wine is definitely not for beginners. There was a sophisticated funk, almost like a cheese. The wine was silky on the palate and a pleasure to drink.

Chateau de Brigue Signature 2011: Citrusy with notes of lemon peel, grapefruit and a refreshing minerality.

Mas de Cadenet Arbaude 2011: A luscious palate marked by minerality and spice. Notes of citrus and acid at the end.

Chateau Routas 2011: Starts off with minerality, leading to pleasant mandarin and watermelon notes. The mouth feel was silky and pleasant.

Palais Prive 2011: Cherry and ginger intermingled to excite the taste buds. It was juicy and begged to be swallowed.

Rimauresq 2011: Bright cherry with lovely acidity and a touch of orange.

Comanderie de La Bargemone 2011: Bright red strawberry flavor marked by high acidity and a long dry finish. There was even a slight pleasant funk to the wine.

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