Food Films of Early 2011

Food Movie Image via static.sify .com  Food Films of Early 2011People love to eat and watch different movies at the same time. What will happen if food invades the big screen?

In 2011, more food films have been created to satisfy the hunger for discovering the food industry. Everyone talked about the movie No Reservations which took us in the life of a lady chef who took control of her life which evolved around food and in her kitchen, and eventually her niece and another love of life. The show became a hit for many food lovers and hopeless romantics. Because of the story which circled around food, family, and love, it gathered many movie watchers and fans around the world. The movie introduced the world to what was happening in the kitchen of a big restaurant and a whole lot more. Well, food films have been present in the big screen every now and then. But in the recent century, more and more people are devoted into making food films available to viewers, taking people in a whole new dimension of wine, food, and everything that surrounds it. In 2011, there are quite a good number of food films to watch out for. Here are some of the top food films at the early part of 2011.

El Bulli Cooking In Progress Food Films of Early 20111. El Bulli: Cooking In Progress. Your dreams of eating at one of the world’s best restaurants may be bummed with the idea to be closing down soon, but the legendary El Bulli Restaurant has a little something more to offer you. A documentary film entitled El Bulli:Cooking In Progress is opening to the public what goes around this famed restaurant and its famous chef, Ferran Adria. The cast is no one but Chef Ferran and his bright culinary team who have been working for months to make sumptuous meals in splendid presentations of flavors and plating. This will also tell us about why this restaurant is one of the royalties. Watch a part of history through El Bulli: Cooking In Progress.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi1 Food Films of Early 20112. Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Sushi is one of the highly celebrated treats that originated in Japan. This documentary film, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, will take us to the life of a master chef and the sushi master, Jiro Ono, and how he worked his way to receive that precious three-star Michelin award. Shot mostly in his sushi temple in Japan, a basement in an office building, in Tokyo, called Sukiyabashi Jiro, Chef Jiro only offers limited seats to witness and experience his masterpieces. Small but terrible is this smallest Michelin star awardee as he is keen on letting his guests experience authentic and traditional sushi treats which made him a big-time chef in the culinary world. Witness a sushi master create world-class sushi meals like you have never seen before.

Cafeteria Man1 Food Films of Early 20113. Cafeteria Man. This is another documentary film that will definitely touch many lives, especially those who has outgrown their fears of public school lunch trays. Cafeteria Man tells us about the real story behind Chef Tony Geraci’s advocacy and mission to make a change into Baltimore’s public school food through his recipes. Chef Tony wants to change people’s outlook for public school food, of which, most are dreadful of. In the movie, you can see how they struggled to make a change, how everyone – students, teachers, and other citizens helped one another, plant and harvest their own vegetables, create a better food system for everyone. It may not be an easy journey towards achieving his goals, but he knows that positive actions will lead to positive results in the future.

A Matter of Taste1 Food Films of Early 20114. A Matter of Taste. Chefs live by their own worlds in their kitchens. But what happens when a chef’s life is being put to tape and expose his devotion? Would anything be changed? The movie “A Matter of Taste” was a documentary film about of Chef Paul Liebrandt who showed a little bit of his life not as a businessman, but as a chef, by profession. It is somehow a summary of what his life has been in the past decade and how he has grown to be in the present times. People regarded him as an actor for a night, but for him, he was just a person who can cook and seen on television. Reminisce the struggles and the success of Chef Paul Liebrandt through the movie A Matter Of Taste.

The Trip1 Food Films of Early 20115. The Trip. If you’re looking for a good laugh while discovering the best treats, then The Trip is the movie for you. This movie stars Steve Coogan who plays a fictional character of himself, assigned to visit the best restaurants in the country along with his girlfriend. But when his girlfriend asked to take some time off of their relationship, he has no one else to do his tour with than his former colleague, Rob Brydon. Their continuous senseless competitions for impression turned out to be perfect comedic skid for the movie. Watch these two get to the best restaurants in Northern England and have a good laugh at a food comedy movie.

Food films are great and interesting moves to keep our food attention. It gets us to the other side of food, chefs, and restaurants where we have never seen before. It can also lead us to a better understanding of how valuable food is to everyone.

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