Best Gifts Books for Foodies 2012

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canal house cooks every day cooking in every day english hello cupcake! fresh off the boat: a memoir modernist cuisine at home rick bayless: frontera cook it raw bouchon bakery my family table ludo bites: recipes and stories from the pop-up restaurants of ludo lefebvre nigellissima: easy italian-inspired recipes fifty shades of bacon Image Map

Canal House Cooks

This is the perfect book for beginners and experts. The book contains a years worth of seasonal recipes with gorgeous photography and easy to follow instructions. This book has menus for all the major holidays, and twelve instructional essays on topics such as how to pick a ripe tomato, and make your own pasta.

Cooking in Every Day English

Todd English’s newest cookbook is filled with incredibly uncomplicated recipes that yield delectable dishes. What I particularly love is that most ingredients are easily found at your local store, AND the majority of recipes have less than 10 ingredients. English gives easy instructions, tips on technique, equipment needed AND wine pairings. This is a terrific book, even if you’re the kind of person that burns soup.

Hello Cupcake!

Cupcakes will NEVER go out of style. Especiall when food stylist Leila Lindholm makes them look and taste this good. The cupcake recipes in the book start with the very basic and move to the most delectable (Nutella cupcakes). But, there is more than just cupcakes here. There are smore’s whoopies, black and white whoopies, raspberry whoopies and peanut butter whoopies. The book will delight the child in everyone.

Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir

Eddie Huang speaks to the immigrant and foodie in me. This could be why I am utterly smitten by him and his raw, funny style. Huang was FOB (Fresh off the Boat), endured teasing from the locals, partied as hard (or harder) than I did, and built himself an empire with Baohaus. He tells it as it is whether you like it or not. I think you will love him.

Modernist Cuisine at Home

The gift for the ultimate food geek. This illustrated guide (read:food porn) is a six volume set which includes recipes for people at all skill levels.Nathan Myhrvold and Maxime Bilet have compiled all the essential information that any cook needs to stock a modern kitchen, AND to master new techniques, and to make hundreds of recipes sure to impress the most demanding palate.

Rick Bayless: Frontera

Rick Bayless is the authority when it comes to Mexican food. In this book, he has compiled 35 variations on the Margarita. There is a Margarita for every flavor profile in the world here. Since you can’t have a margarita without guac, Rick has included a guacamole recipe for each month of the year. The recipe instructions are basically fool proof, so your Margaritas will come out perfect every time.

Cook It Raw

This one is for your serious foodie. The one who will be thrilled to be on the wait list for this book. Cook it Raw follows a group of prominent chefs (Rene Redzepi, Albert Adria, Alex Atala, Daniel Patterson, Magnus Nilsson, Inaki Aizparte, Massimo Bottura and Claude Bosi) in their quest for ethical cooking and eating. Cook it Raw is an exclusive look into the world’s most progressive culinary collective.

Bouchon Bakery

I love no other Chef as much as I love Thomas Keller. In this book, Keller and Co-author Sebastien Rouxel (executive pastry chef for Keller’s restaurant group) have put together some of their most popular recipes. Kellers TKO’s and Oh Ohs (Keller’s version of Oreos and Hostess’s Ho Hos) will delight the most discerning palate.

My Family Table

James Beard Award-winning Louisiana chef John Besh has crafted a book that brings cooking back to basics. In My Family Table, Besh emphasizes that one does not have to rely on processed, ready-made ingredients in order to make, simple, quick and delicious meals. Besh includes lots of educational material to make cooking accessible to even the novice cook.

Ludo Bites: Recipes and Stories from the Pop-Up Restaurants of Ludo Lefebvre

Chef Ludo Lefebvre is the ultimate rock star. His career took off after his first stint at a 3-start Michelin restaurant when he was just 14 years old. At 25, he was running his own award winning kitchen. In 2007, he decided to turn the culinary world upside down by creating LudoBites, a “touring” restaurant that toured the streets of LA. This cookbook follows his journey, gives an honest look into the industry, and features recipes that follow the techniques of fine French cooking, but can be made in the most restrictive kitchen.

Nigellissima: Easy Italian-Inspired Recipes

Nigella Lawson is the Christina Hendricks of the culinary world. Nigella serves up a bowl of sensuality and some killer Italian inspired recipes in her latest cookbook: Nigellissima. The book prides itself in being true to Italian ingredients and uncomplicated cooking methods. Best of all, the recipes are easy to make so even the busiest domestic goddess (or god) can take the time to cook up some magic in the kitchen.

Fifty Shades of Bacon

Is there anything sexier than Bacon? The authors of Fifty Shades of Bacon don’t seem to think so. The book is whimsical and includes recipes for the most serious bacon gourmet. Imagine yourself engaged with some voluptuous bacon bits, or buxom bacon ice cream. If you have a bacon lover in your life, this is the perfect gift for him or her.

1x1.trans Best Gifts Books for Foodies 2012

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1x1.trans Best Gifts Books for Foodies 2012

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