Belvedere Vodka’s Advertising Faux Pas

1x1.trans Belvedere Vodkas Advertising Faux PasI’m as liberal as liberal gets, but even I have to agree that whoever thought up this advertisement for Belvedere Vodka was not thinking of the consequences. The ad is redolent of sexual violence. The text makes allusions to oral sex, the visuals to sexual assault.

1x1.trans Belvedere Vodkas Advertising Faux PasBelvedere quickly pulled the ad (good move), and offered an apology. However, this ad was not the result of one person’s decisions. I take it Belvedere must have a marketing/advertising department. It must have gone through various desks before landing on their facebook page.

1x1.trans Belvedere Vodkas Advertising Faux PasOn a positive note, Belvedere contacted RAINN,  apologized and offered to make a donation. I think this is a great opportunity for Belvedere to make this into a positive. It looks like they have taken the first steps.

What do you think? Was this ad as offensive as I thought it was?

1x1.trans Belvedere Vodkas Advertising Faux Pas
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1x1.trans Belvedere Vodkas Advertising Faux Pas


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