Beer Sales Plummet in U.S., United Kingdom and Germany

1x1.trans Beer Sales Plummet in U.S., United Kingdom and GermanyAccording to a report released by the Beer Institute, beer consumption in the United States decreased for a third-straight year. New Hampshire ranked #1 for the most per capita consumption, and at the bottom of the list was Connecticut.

But the beer drought doesn’t stop with the U.S. German beer sales dropped to 1.99 billion liters (4.2 billion pints) in the first quarter, the lowest amount in at least 20 years, according to the Federal Statistical Office.

Bloomberg notes the trade group claims beer sales have declined for 37 years since peak consumption in Germany of 151 liters per capita in 1976, according to the trade group.

“Last year, the average German downed 106 liters, almost a third less. Still, Germany ranks only below the Czech Republic for per-capita beer consumption, according to 2010 statistics compiled by Kirin Holdings Co.”

Marc-Oliver Huhnholz, a spokesman for German Brewers Federation says the population is getting older, the drinking culture is changing, alcohol has been banned from the workplace and young people have a much bigger variety of drinks to choose from.

And finally, UK beer sales in pubs were down almost 50 million pints in the first quarter of 2013, compared to the same period last year, according to new figures released by the British Beer & Pub Association’s (BBPA) quarterly “Beer Barometer.”

The British Beer & Pub Association blames the long winter and beer taxes that were recently reduced.

Brigid Simmonds, chief executive of the BBPA, said: “Beer has a very special place in pubs, and accounts for 68% of pub drinks’ sales. The duty cut has seen brewers and pub companies passing on the reduction to customers. It will encourage brewers and pubs to invest and create jobs.

“Other measures in the Budget will also help pubs, and are a further recognition that the government understands the importance of our sector. The changes to National Insurance were particularly helpful, as the pub trade largely comprises small businesses and employs around 600,000 people directly.”

Below is a list of the Top Ten Beer Drinking States on a per capita basis, courtesy of Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. with CNS news:
1x1.trans Beer Sales Plummet in U.S., United Kingdom and Germany
1. New Hampshire, 43 gallons

2. North Dakota, 42.2 gallons

3. Montana, 40.6 gallons

4. South Dakota, 38 gallons

5. Nevada, 36.5 gallons

6. Wisconsin, 36.2 gallons

7. Vermont, 34.7 gallons

8. Texas, 34.6 gallons

9. Nebraska, 34.6 gallons

10. Delaware, 34.3 gallons

The Ten Most “Sober” States (for beer, at least) are as follows:
1x1.trans Beer Sales Plummet in U.S., United Kingdom and Germany
1. Connecticut, 21.8 gallons

2. New York, 22.2 gallons

3. New Jersey, 22.3 gallons

4. Maryland, 23.3 gallons

5. Kentucky, 23.9 gallons

6. Washington, 25.1 gallons

7. California, 25.4 gallons

8. Tennessee, 25.7 gallons

9. Georgia, 25.9 gallons

10. Massachusetts, 26 gallons

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