Beery Beer Gardens in New York City (Part 1)

1x1.trans Beery Beer Gardens in New York City (Part 1)Summer is just around the bend and aside from ice cream and cold desserts, there’s one way to soothe the summer heat – Beer. This beverage has been almost everyone’s favorite and company to socialize and unwind. Beer gardens are popping out in every corner of New York. This German-style of an outdoor drinking place is attracting many beer lovers, young and old alike, which gives a new idea for local bars and pubs in NYC. Here are some of NYC’s best beer gardens.

1x1.trans Beery Beer Gardens in New York City (Part 1)Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden. The oldest and most famous beer garden in all of NYC, just turned a century old. All these years, even with the spurts of bars and drinking establishments in the area, Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden’s outdoor atmosphere continued to provide a relaxing joint for people to have drinks and eat delicious Czech food. Don’t fret if you’re not a certified Czech because this  place is not only limited to Czech and Slovak people but Americans and international guests are also enjoying everything that this beer garden is offering. Even if summer days are over, people still enjoy drinking a mug of classic beer while chatting with their friends. Enjoy Czech and Slovak festivities here on Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden.

1x1.trans Beery Beer Gardens in New York City (Part 1)La Birreria. Chef Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich have recently ventured to a beer garden business in the form of La Birreria. This Italian style outdoor drinking haven at the top of their food bazaar named Eataly was highly anticipated due to its fantastic rooftop location. It’s got a perfect skyscraper and panoramic view from the top. And look at this, a retractable dome. Isn’t that cool huh? That’s not even enough! From the best beer accompaniments, courtesy of course of Batali’s fantastic kitchen team. Savor authentic Italian beers seasoned with the freshest herbs directly from Rome. From its intricate structure to the best Italian food and beverages, La Birreria is a certified beer garden mecca at the top of the food mountain.

1x1.trans Beery Beer Gardens in New York City (Part 1)Radegast Hall & Biergarten. This hall and beer garden built on two old warehouses in Williamsburg, NY is the brainchild of Slovak business partners, Ivan Kohut and Andy Ivanov. Austro-Hungarian beer garden, Radegast Hall & Biergarten, serves the best imported drinks and brews in the area. Start your party inside their beer hall and enjoy the bands hitting up the stage with their European music while you enjoy your brews. You can also enjoy their beer garden which has a retractable roof in case the rain parties with the guests. Aside from their beer, Radegast Hall & Biergarten also boasts of their cocktails and of course, famous sausages that are grilled right at beer garden. Rock the night out at Radegast Hall & Biergarten where good food and good beer settle throughout the night.

1x1.trans Beery Beer Gardens in New York City (Part 1)Beekman. A beer garden by the beach? That would stir up the thoughts of many beach bums who are also beer lovers. This beach club can also hold small and big events for special occasions. While beach lovers take a break from the water action during the day, they can stay at this waterfront club which also serves snack, meals, and of course beer for your hungry tummies. Groove the night away on their cozy hammocks and glowing lounge chairs that are scattered all over the place. Invite your buddies to play foosball, pingpong or pool only at Beekman. A sip of great wines, cocktails and beers with German sausages, burgers, and seafood dishes while enjoying the night breeze by the shore.

1x1.trans Beery Beer Gardens in New York City (Part 1)Biergarten. If you’re up for another German-inspired outdoor pub, check out Biergarten at The Standard in New York. The place is well structured and even the interiors will really surprise you. It may be big for a restaurant’s beer garden but it really gets a bit crowded at night with people still making their way in for a couple of rounds of good beer cheers, classic German sausages and of course, pretzels. You can play ping pong with your buddies if you can manage to squeeze in the crowd. Booze your night away with their inexpensive beers, good food, with great company.

The bottomless beer continues to flow with the second round of Beery Beer Gardens In NYC. See you there!!!

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1x1.trans Beery Beer Gardens in New York City (Part 1)
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1x1.trans Beery Beer Gardens in New York City (Part 1)
1x1.trans Beery Beer Gardens in New York City (Part 1)



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