Banana Split Rules August 25

1x1.trans Banana Split Rules August 25The food calendar may be marked with all the healthiest foodie holidays in town. And that’s more than enough reason why it is made in to a foodie holiday. We love them in every way possible. This featured holiday may not belong to the healthy treats department but it definitely did not split my mind of having a serving of banana split even just for today.

I do not think there is anyone here who does not know what a banana split is. It is simply one of the top desserts that one orders from a favorite ice cream parlor. Often called banana boat, the banana is split into two and in between, lies two to three scoops of ice cream, smothered with whipped cream and topped with an alluring cherry. To make it more luscious, a chocolate syrup is drizzled to perfection. It was in 1904 when the triple ice cream banana split was invented. Scoops of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry were layered in the middle of the sliced bananas. There have been different variations as to the recipe of this yummy banana split. What makes the Banana Split Day more exciting is that you can mix fun and creativity in making your banana splits. Get your bananas split ingredients ready as this dessert is about to sail for a full day.

1x1.trans Banana Split Rules August 25Nutty Banana Split With Warm Chocolate Sauce. Give your banana split some genuine love with this nutty banana split recipe. Your regular banana split will turn into a melting pot of goodness as you drizzle in some warm chocolate that is easy to make. Top with your favorite nuts for that additional crunch. This is a sweet and decadent way to celebrate Banana Split Day.

1x1.trans Banana Split Rules August 25Grilled Banana Split. Instead of the usual banana split that you can do, try a more sultry and different way to add glamour to your banana split serving. Brush your bananas with some melted butter and then put them on the griller until they turn into a light golden color. Instead of the usual vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream flavors, you can have some Haagen-Dazs flavors of your choice. Top this with whipped cream and drizzle some caramel sauce. The caramel sauce will also add some sweetness and classy finish to your banana split fantasy.

1x1.trans Banana Split Rules August 25Banana Split Ice Cream Cake. You can take your ordinary banana split recipe into a cake dessert in time for your banana split day celebration. The oreo-crushed cake base will provide a subtle and graceful chocolate bed for your layers. Make some layers using slices of bananas and the ice cream, letting them cool into the freezer before adding another layer. You may add some slices of fresh berries on top if you wish to. This might be a heavy dessert to speak of, so you can share this with lots of people to even out the calories.

1x1.trans Banana Split Rules August 25Banana Split Trifle Sundaes. Instead of the usual banana boat type of dessert, try this trifle sundae recipe that everyone can enjoy. Slice your bananas clockwise to make smaller banana pieces for easy layering. Just layer everything in a few serving glasses and then add some whipped cream on top. Drizzle some hot fudge on top and sprinkle cookie crumbs. Do not forget to let it chill to avoid meltdown. You can do this with your kids as it makes an instant bonding time and instant dessert treat at the same time.

There are just too many ways of making your banana splits extra special. Make sure you don’t eat too much of these precious desserts for you to maintain a healthy figure. Banana split day is coming this August 25 – a big reason for the foodies of all ages to enjoy.

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